Here you can download WinSetupFromUSB and updates of the tools included.

Please do not hotlink files, use this page if you want to post a link to the program. If you need to link to a specific version, you could use version number like this:

Note: A few antivirus programs keep detecting a couple of the included files as viruses. This is false positive. These vendors were informed numerous times and the serious companies such as DrWeb and Kaspersky, update their signatures to remove the false detection within a few hours after being informed. Others, such as McAfee, despite all the efforts and contacts, don’t do anything to update their signatures. For a few unknown ones, which use third party signatures, there is no way to contact them or they simply don’t respond. This program will never knowingly distribute any kind of malware.

WinSetupFromUSB 1.10- 07.Nov.2021
WinSetupFromUSB 1.9- 13.May.2019
WinSetupFromUSB 1.8- 16.May.2017
WinSetupFromUSB 1.7- 09.Aug.2016
WinSetupFromUSB 1.6- 28.Nov.2015
WinSetupFromUSB 1.6 beta2- 03.Aug.2015
WinSetupFromUSB 1.6 beta1- 24.May.2015
WinSetupFromUSB 1.5 - 10.May.2015
WinSetupFromUSB 1.4 - 27.March.2014
WinSetupFromUSB 1.3 - 10.Jan.2014
WinSetupFromUSB 1.2 - 20.Dec.2013
WinSetupFromUSB 1.1 - 08.Dec.2013
WinSetupFromUSB 1.0 - 17.Oct.2013 (libwim-9.dll updated- 14.Nov.2013)
Previous versions

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  1. could you put a checkbox with “format the disk”, it does not mean the same as ‘autoformat with FBinst”
    i don’t know if your soft allow the usb installation without formating the key
    i can’t push the “GO” button, i don’t want to format the key, i want to prevent the display “formating the key…” with or without FBinst

    • Autoformat option is not mandatory. But you need to ensure disk is properly partitioned with MBR and active partition first.
      If autoformat is not selected, disk will not be formatted, just grub4dos will be installed, but there is a check if the disk has MBR and active partition before proceeding. If these are not satisfied, it won’t continue.

      Does that make sense?

  2. New version but how to update so that new options and fixes were available on the previously created USB?

      • OK I understand and thank you for the info. Of the programs I tested, this works very well, but it is cumbersome to add new and update old iso images. Are there plans for an interface to indicate and automatically detect the type and add iso images and an interface to update iso images, i.e. replace the old iso with the new one?

        • Updating already added Windows 7/10/11 sources is matter of replacing the corresponding ISO file, if it’s minor version update. It’s hard to automate given the wide range of supported sources like PE builds, Recovery/Antivirus etc images.
          Automatic detection of source type has been planned for quite some time, but that would require major rewrite of the GUI and most of the code, something I really don’t have now time for.

  3. Thanks! Love the app, but you should look into Let’s Encrypt for some SSL on this site. 😉 Especially since you have a form asking for emails, names or logins. SSL also makes it harder for someone to spoof the download link.

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