WinSetupFromUSB 1.0 RC4.7z


Filename Win-Setup_1-0RC4.7z
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Version 1.0 rc4
Date added October 31, 2013
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SHA-1 8bd8886993b700fa2ad1ae4c962e89054b887e03

Changes since version 1.0 beta8:

  • Ability to add multiple Windows Vista, 7, 8, Server 2008/2012 sources from ISO file. Use the same option to add PE2 (Vista/Server 2008) and above based utility. Thanks to synchronicity for his amazing wimlib project
  • Ability to add almost any Linux based ISO which uses hybrid cd-rom/hard disk mode, credits to cdob . Refer to this page for a non exhaustive list of tested ISOs
  • Auto-format option when used with NTFS would do its best when formatting the disk,  to avoid fragmented large files on this volume later on by moving $MFT at the beginning of the partition. This way $MFT zone remains at the beginning of the volume and there should be way more contiguous space available large files to occupy
  • DPMS updated to DPMS2, thanks to Steve
  • the command prompt window during GUI mode of XP/2000/2003 setup is now hidden, thanks to cdob. It’s needed to keep the USB drive mounted throughout the GUI mode of setup
  • added ability to copy all log files to the relevant WINSETUP sub-folder during PE phase of NT6 (Vista and later) boot. Create an empty file debugme with no extension in the relevant sub-directory, e.g \WINSETUP\Win7x64\debugme, and all log files from the start of PE phase will be copied next to it
  • Updates of the tools included and various bug fixes