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157 thoughts on “Tutorials

  1. i have add successfully hiren-pe and windows10. also i try to add All in One – System Rescue Toolkit but i couldn’t. the massage error show
    this doesn’t seem to be valid source either or all of sources boot.wim a>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • Is it not Ubuntu based, why adding it as Windows source? Try Linux/Orher ISO option if it’s indeed Ubuntu based. Look at Tutorial 3 above.

  2. Olá boa noite,criei um multiboot com iso e ferramentas,como o hiréns boot,deu tela azul com o hiréns boot e com o wndows xp,alguma solução para o ocorrido?

  3. I have a single Win7 Pro 64-bit iso whic i tried to add. But i get the error “doesn’t seem to be valid source either or all of sources boot.wim…”
    I confirm that it is not a 32- and 64-bit iso. How to resolve this?

    • Can 7-zip open it and list its contents? The ISO might not be in UDF format as required.
      Does the ISO have the default directories and files present? Sources, boot.wim, install.wim etc.

      You should look at or post the log file, it’s quite self-explanatory and easy to spot the issue.

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