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  1. Hi Everyone

    First of all thanks to developers for providing such a great tool.

    Sorry if I am asking here kind of a stupid question. WinSetupFromUSB provides five options, three of which are as follows:

    1. UBCD4Win/WinBuilder/Windows FLPC setup/BartPE.
    2. Linux ISO/Other Grub4dos compatible ISO.
    3. SysLinux bootsector/Linux distribution using SysLinux/Iso Linux.

    How may I know which is the above option is to be selected for an ISO? Or is there any tool available on the net to check ISO’s properties.

  2. Sorry for late reply. I added ISO as EasyRE.ISO in ISO folder, ran defragmentation, made changes in menu.lst file (using copy paste from above text provided by you) and then tested in QEMU through WinSetupFromUSB. It raised an error, which I am attaching here.


    • What exactly do you mean?
      Can’t update it once launched, can’t update the ISO file on the USB disk with new one or what?

  3. I have create a bootable pendrive which have included windows XP, 7 , 8.1 and hirens boot cd. Everything is perfect but when i start hirens boot cd then entering mini windows xp, then I see that there is nothing HBCD menu. which is very much vital in this . Can you solve my problem.?

    • You can edit Windows bcd menus with the included BootIce or the free VisualBCD- edit \boot\bcd for BIOS boot and \efi\microsoft\boot\bcd for EFI boot.

  4. tell which file to fix in a flash drive is already finished, in order to remove one extra line, ie where a list of operating systems. The menu.lst file is not in this list.

  5. How can i remove a ISO, i added now windows 7, 8 and 10 but faild and added twice win 10 32 bit now i want to remove one. Please help

    • Manually delete it from the winsetup folder on the usb disk. Then edit Windows bcd menus with the included BootIce or the free VisualBCD- edit \boot\bcd for BIOS boot and \efi\microsoft\boot\bcd for EFI boot.

  6. So
    ive try it like this:
    1) format/add w10 pro with 2nd option (vista/7/8)
    2) no format/add w8.1 pro with 2nd option (vista/7/8)
    3) no format/add linuxmint 17.2 with 4th option (Live ISO/Other….)
    (no option set in advance)
    booting from the stick (uefi) i get to the selection between w8 and w10. there is no linuxmint. also the menu for w10/w8 seems to be microsoft like menu and not the grub that i was expected.
    the iso for linuxmint is on the stick.
    i just cant see an option to boot from linuxmint

    also the soft sometimes stops without doing anything i thing right before it supose to start to copy files to usb….waited for more than 30 min…..(i\m currently on w8.1 pro)
    its active in taskmanager – around 20% CPU but no disk activity.
    software version WinSetupFromUSB-1-6-beta2

    • EFI boot is supported only for the Windows NT family supporting EFI, Vista sp2 and later.
      And the boot manager when booted in EFI mode is the Windows bootmgr.
      The boot manager for BIOS mode is grub4dos which has number of useful features allowing to boot nearly any linux ISO, beside all the goodies allowing multiple windows xp and such sources. But grub4dos does not support EFI and most likely never will, unless rewritten probably from scratch. Until grub2 or similar boot manager implements similar features, this limitation will remain- bios boot for any source and efi boot only for nt family.
      Of course, if signle linux ISOis needed, one could manually add it following any of the many guides on i-net.

        • Yes it does, just as few more but lacks those grub4dos features which allow booting multiple linux ISOs. Please read my comment again carefully 😉

          Booting all these isos is not just copying them to the usb.

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