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  1. This is an interesting tool, but some of the information on the main menu is not explained at all. What does the checkbox “AutoFormat it with FE” do? What is FE? What is FBInstTool? What is BootIce? What is RMPrepUSB? What are we adding to the USB disk below? Can I an the contents of an ISO? Also, some of the text is squashed and not fully readable, e.g. DONATE. The Advanced Options checkbox is grayed out, so there must not be any. What does the check box Test in QEM (text also truncated) do? I will muddle through nevertheless and see if I can build a bootable USB stick to install Windows XP. If it becomes trail and error, with more than two tries, I will give up.

    • All options and elements in the GUI have a tool-tip associated, you need to hold the mouse over the element.
      What the formatting tools are for and how to use them you can easily find with a little google search. For inexperienced users, there is an auto-format option which should get one going without the need of using any of the USB formatting tools and have preset default options. All options have a tool-tip with short explanation as well.

      I think you are running custom DPI or font size settings if program elements are not shown properly. Let me know what they are so I can reproduce the problem you are having and see if something can be done.
      Here you can see some screenshots how it should look like.

      • Well, the display settings are not exactly “custom”. But I am using the Windows Large font on a 1680×1050 screen. From this, I would conclude that winsetupfromusb does not make the best adjustment when the font size is large.

        • Yes, you are correct, no adjustments are made since after probably well above 10 mill. downloads since the first versions, counting only the ones I could keep track of, you are just the second user complaining about messed up GUI.
          Rewriting the GUI to take those factors into consideration, would require considerable amount of time, which I’d rather spend on adding new features and fixing bugs.

  2. I did a lot of Windows development back in the day, and it has only gotten way more complicated. Changes to the GUI would sure be a low priority for me. And I can still read the truncated text. If you ever get around to looking at it, simply set your Windows font size to “Large” to see what happens, and to test. Features and bug fixes DO have a higher priority. Thx… Ben

  3. Hello, i have having trouble using your product, i am try to get it to boot windows 8/7/vista/XpPro/XpHome but not quite sure how to do that, can you help me please?

    • There are many options:
      1) Integrate them in your source before running WinSetupFromUSB, with nLite for example, 32/64 bits
      2) Integrate BTS mass storage driver pack making sure Text mode option is selected, 32 bits only
      3) Use the advanced option “Custom drivers/F6 floppy image for 2000/XP/2003 Setup” to add your F6 floppy image, it has to contain txtsetup.oem and the driver files, 32/64 bits
      4) Try the DPMS option when booted- “Auto-detect and use F6 SATA/RAID/SCSI Driver”, it might work just fine with 2003, 32 bits only

      In 3) and 4) you might want to use … + firadisk option in boot menu on picky machines.

      • I’ve had a go at this both with winsetup and nlite, but the storage drivers just don’t pick up.
        I had been busy and I’m about to attempt it again, I cant help but feel that lack of txtsetup.oem files being distributed with mb controllers now is the root of the problem, or should this only really apply in the case of using option 3?
        Thanks for your help

        • You could try DriverPack mass storage. What happens exactly when using the DPMS option, can you take a note of the HardwareID displayed?
          What is the motherboard/laptop model? 64 or 32 bit 2003?

  4. I attempted to use the winsetupfromusb utility and have hit an error. It says “could not install Grub4dos MBA…aborting”. Probably a simple thing,but not obvious to me and I don’t want to mess up anything. Thanks in advance for helping.

    • Most likely it’s partitioned in weird way.Use the auto-format option and try again. If still having issues upload the log file in program directory and upload it to pastebin.com or datafilehost.com

      • You were absolutely correct. Previously, I had ‘formatted’ the USB with the windows process. After your comment, I selected the quick format on the winsetupfromusb program screen, and it worked like a champ. I probably missed it, but I don’t see screenshots or text instructions on how to boot and use the USB for OS installation. Thanks!

  5. my USB Drive formated ok but while copying xp seutup file… i m geting error “the type must of “object”…” while copying win xp setup files… what is the solution??

    • Seems like a bug which has to be taken care of.
      Can you put in a zip archive WinSetupFromUSB.log and all previous log files (data-time stamped cab archives) found in backups directory and upload it to datafilehost.com?

  6. is there a step by step tutorials to how to make a multiboot installer from flash
    i want to make 16 giga flash to be an installer for win 7 32/64bit and win 8 32/64bit
    so i want to but 4 iso on this flash is it possible?

  7. hello i will install win xp 64 but it shows up bluescreen after loaing the windows files and say my ahci bios not support ……..

  8. Hi,

    I have recently used WinSetupFromUSB to create a MultiBoot loader and it is working fine.
    Whilst the USB is connected to my Latptop and I do the following:

    1. reboot and keep pressing F12 (Windows 7) to get into windows 7 Boot menu,
    2. I select the USB stick from the Boot up menu and press return
    3. Next I am presented with an intermediatory menu show below:
    Please choose from menu
    F1: Continue boot to Grob4dos(default),
    F2: Launch PLOP Boot manager

    4. After about 5 seconds it shows the Grub menu (this what I want).

    My questions are the following:
    1. Why is the intermediatory menu shown?
    2. Since I do not want to remove the PLOP menu, how can I reduce this dealy of approximately 5 seconds to 1 second so that this menu only flashes on to the screen and then disappear?

    Please advise as soon as possible.


    • Default timeout for the first, FBinst menu, is 3 seconds. On some systems those 3 seconds are actually less, menu can be barely seen, on others are more, depends on the BIOS.
      3 seconds seemed to be the golden middle between fast and slow BIOSes so user can see and use the menu and not show it for too long at the same time.
      Why it’s needed- some systems recognize USB flash disks as superfloppy, making XP setup impossible and loading PloP first usually helps on those machines.
      Other machines have only USB 1.1 or even USB 1.2 drivers in BIOS. This means horribly slow loading speeds until the operating system USB driver is loaded and took control.

      To reduce timeout- launch FBInstTool and press FBInst menu. Edit the timeout value and press ctrl+s or right click in the window and select Save menu.
      If you need all newly formatted USB disks to have different timeout, edit FB.txt in \files\tools\.

  9. Hi, I want to make a flash boot include windows 7 , Hiren’s CD in partition and some programs in anther partition. How can I do it?

    • Windows out of the box does not support multiple partitions on removable disk, such as most of the USB flash disks, only the first partition is visible.
      Why do you need multiple partitions?
      I can’t offer support for Hiren’s Boot CD here, it’s still warez.
      For Windows 7 there is nothing special you need to do- just add its ISO using the relevant option and press GO, 3-4 mouse clicks in total…

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