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  1. 7-Zip 9.30 alpha Copyright (c) 1999-2012 Igor Pavlov 2012-10-26

    Error: D:\!!PRIVATE CDs\Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit.iso: Can not open the file as

    Errors: 1

    I then loaded ImgBurn and made a new ISO using the name on the DVD to the Desktop (I know, logically..it doesn’t matter). Ran the command again. Same.. Umm!! I got a feeling…”Use UltraISO (9.5+) , have it read..then ‘Save As..’ ISO. Then ran the command again, Voila, a list! I’m going to step back through the versions of ImgBurn I have, and that’s a list…haha, and see if it’s in all of them…or. Then test it some more, and see about posting a Bug Report. I’m also going to check my DaemonTools Pro Advanced to be SURE it’s also making images as should be. That’s…a big deal to me and other people.

    I know there aren’t any accidents and luck doesn’t exist, so I’m glad I was distracted enough to post HERE! Thhhhhank You! I’m very sure others will appreciate it, too.

    • That’s nice, we both, and hopefully other readers too, learned something new. Thanks for sharing your results.

      BTW, ImgBurn is a solid program and you may just need to play with it’s options. Here is a guide which might be a good starting point.

      Mind you, as long as 7-zip can list and extract and ImDisk can mount the ISO, that’s all needed, it doesn’t even have to be bootable.
      Boot files are extracted any way and loaded directly, later on ImDisk mounts the ISO as a virtual DVD and lets Setup access the needed source files during installation.

      • Without sharing a lot of personal history, I know well how good ImgBurn is. I’ve been using it for years with different media, and with different settings. For the moment, I’m only curious if the stock settings were changed or something to cause it to make a “bad” image. I love learning new things. “You can’t teach an ‘old dog’ new tricks.” is 100% rubbish, haha! I’m also not ‘old’
        I’m a user from when the Amiga was new and very popular and we did a lot of ‘hacking’ back then. The AmigaDOS and Workbench were intended that way. Put the user in change and if you want to be more advanced, go for it!
        A lot of checking and testing to do.. Wee! Also, a donation is heading your way. Perhaps that request will be fulfilled; option to remove added installs to the USB? If not, donation is still on the way.
        You’re welcome. It’s about community effort and sharing. Salute!

        • Thanks, appriciated. Currently I cannot do much about removing already added sources.
          However, I am planning a new version with completely different GUI, localization support, option to list and remove sources etc. But this will probably take quite some time, real life is priority and needs my focus and attention.
          BTW, an old Karateka player here.

  2. There is a bit here so relax, have some water or Tea… No coffee, or you could miss something. Smiling.

    I had to reinstall Windows 7 64-bit as a bug in a Mac OS X driver corrupted the Registry (seems..from research). I really prefer the way Mac OS X handles things…without a Registry (except for the [bleeped] DRM!! Haaa… Thanks for the Karateka tip. That is a fun game for “mastering” being in the moment. :-) You didn’t link with the “here” though. Might be helpful for someone else. If you haven’t known of it before.. “thecompany.pl” also has an awesome selection. Many ways to bring Amiga to Now, and I like what they’re doing. I feel like helping with my Archives. Heh. Oh well, back on topic.

    Your package, and the USB Flash Drive I created with it, other than only Windows, was really bloody helpful. Nothing like Life Tests that beat VM’s even as well as they do. I was wondering if some newer Bootable CDs would be transferred well, even though the GUI showed “Job done.” Yay!! Glad I donated, I might do so again later.
    For new users reading this…it’s a Great program, itaushanov has compiled. I’ve tried several others and…even if you have to remake the USB because you goofed the order of Windows OS’s, haha, or want to change the order…it’s worth it. Most important is…there hasn’t been any corruption in the process of restarts from Installs…that I’ve encountered. MBR becomes changed, or something else changes the USB structure. I did notice this with a few other projects.

    About make an ISO that functions with this process; ImgBurn first. I went backwards from SetupImgBurn_2.5.8.0 (Ugly new popup graphic to pretty Blue) to ImgBurn Each one produced an unlistable ISO. I also tried Daemon Tools Advanced 5.4, and it produced the same ISO. Hmm! I’ve been checking all the settings in ImgBurn that are logical to me…

    Then I went back to UltraISO, load (open) ISO, and “Save As” again, but the error happened again. I thought, “What is missing?” I then thought about the UltraISO settings in the upper left pane that shows “Image” and to the right “Bootable CD/DVD” and there’s a graphical Check Mark. Ahh! I clicked it to display File System properties. UDF was unchecked with each CD/DVD I imported. Checked it for each, as I re-checked each disk, and there it is! Each “Save As..” disk now listed with that command you shared.

    Something changed from the other way my Windows install was to now. However, resaving with UDF has proven to be successful with each CD/DVD, since that’s supposed to the main structure.

    New plans with remove sources (add by the new project), awesome!! I’m very glad to read that.

    • Long filter coffee, dark, lovely one to taste :-)

      Actually since you reminded me, I had plans to spend a weekend if needed to see the princess again, after all these years.

      • I’m not a coffee drinker. The smell and taste are like someone coming home from fields of toil and their armpits waving close to my nostril continuously with sweat dripping. I’ve tried many flavors and additives, and decided I’ll change my mind (literally) to like it at some time, but as of yet, not a priority. Spices, from bland to, Yummm…have been, and I’ve made those changes.

        IS the princess your wife? Joking, joking. You Brits, a great sense of dry humor. Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge! I wish more of America had it. Ah, well. Too much Reality TV here, yeeeech! Okay, back to Amiga and USB stuff..much more fun than drama.

  3. Hi, have been trying to install WinXP64 on Lenovo X61 ThinkPad with little success, Was able to create bootable USB with your program and initialize the Setup but during setup it doesn’t format hd (program says it can’t do it) so i leave file system intact. and it goes thru first phase copying setup files etc. Upon second reboot i select second option and then says loading MBR flashes by and then all i see is a prompt as its not loading.

    In bios i updated SATA settings for compatibility mode instead of AHCI and still nothing.

    Please help.

    FYI, i had Windows7 installed on this laptop previously using the MS USB/DVD tool –long story why i can’t install that one again basically lost license info when hd failed:(

    Thanks in advance.

    • 1) Try to repartition the destination hard disk from within the installer, deleting all partitions and creating new ones. XP might not see properly partitions created under Vista/7 and above.
      2) Try to boot from the internal disk for the second stage, rather than the USB disk.

  4. I’m from Brazil, and I made a USB BOOT using Grub4dos tool.
    On this USB I insert WinXP, Win7 ISO, Ubuntu 32 ISO, Ubuntu 64 ISO, and Hiren’s BOOT CD 15.2.
    But I have a problem on this Hiren’s, because some tools can work on NTFS partition, and other tools don’t work on this partition, only at FAT32.
    I tried using an ISO image, syslinux bootsector, and copy the CD to the USB, but none of them solved.
    How can I generate a USB with FAT32 and one NTFS partition for this situation and mount a satisfatory menu.lst file to both?
    Does anyone know a solution to this problem?
    Thanks people.

    • You could use USB hard disk and make several partitions and place sources as you wish. FAT32 should be the first one. Just do not use the auto-format option afterwards.

      • Thanks for the tip.
        After I put the Hiren on FAT32 partition, how do I use this USB hard drive NTFS partition, or otherwise?
        Because I’m using to generate this USB with WinSetupFromUSB, and I not found the command or button that makes access to both partitions.
        I’m doing the following:
        With WinSetupFromUSB 1.4 open I start the RMPrepUSB, I select the desired USB, click on “Prepare Drive” for FAT32 partition – Boot as HDD. After this I Install grub4dos. Exit and then import the Hirens to USB, but do not know how to access the NTFS partition to create even before or after the whole operation.
        Could you help me?

        • You should be using BootIce to repartition the disk, you might need to ensure the first partition is set to active, can’t recall what DOS requirements were.
          Then the newly created partitions will be selectable and you can place whatever you want on them. Program installs the needed grub4dos MBR and files, there is no need to do that in BootIce or RMPrepUSB.

          Mind you, Hiren’s BCD is still warez hence no more support here for it.

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