1. What can be added to the USB disk with WinSetupFromUSB?
2. Does it support multiple sources of the same type?
3. My internal disk is not shown during first (Text mode) part of Windows XP (2000, 2003) setup
4. There is error 0x0000007B on blue background (BSOD) at start of XP (2000, 2003) Setup
5. Program does not display my USB disk
6. Are customized Windows sources supported?
7. What do the advanced options do?
8. My system won't boot from USB
9. Is (U)EFI supported?
10. How do I add another Windows or Linux source?
11. When adding NT6 (Vista and above setup or PE based utility) ISO occupied space on the USB disk is 150-220 MB more than my source
12. Is the program free and may it be freely redistributed?
13. XP/2003/2000 Setup is very slow when copying files at Text mode phase
14. How to report bugs or problems with the program?

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  1. Hi all
    i see that no update from about one year
    i want you to add some supports
    Add 32 bit support for UEFI:NTFS boot
    Add standalone UEFI:NTFS boot installation, in advanced mode
    Add Vietnamese translation, courtesy of thanhtai2009
    Disable support for ISOs that hide their GRUB version (looking at you Kaspersky!)
    Fix broken Windows UEFI installation when using GPT/NTFS (#461)
    Fix creation of 32 bit UEFI Windows 10 installation flash drives (#462)
    Other improvements (Notify when no update is available on manual check, add label for UEFI:NTFS partition, etc.)

    • Update will come when I have enough spare time for it.
      The attitude “I want you to…” isn’t welcomed at all, hope it’s just bad translation.

  2. can i use this to reload windows xp on my iMac 27 apple if i have bootcamp loaded already
    my cd rom drive is broken

      • could i have some instructions- no idea of what options to use
        main problem is for the iMac to see the usb drive on the iMac boot menu
        the usb drive format is setup from bootcamo for win7
        trying that now

        • There is a tutorial for XP on tutorials page, there wouldn’t be a specific option for Mac, just hope it works. I can’t guide you on this any further.

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