1. What can be added to the USB disk with WinSetupFromUSB?
2. Does it support multiple sources of the same type?
3. My internal disk is not shown during first (Text mode) part of Windows XP (2000, 2003) setup
4. There is error 0x0000007B on blue background (BSOD) at start of XP (2000, 2003) Setup
5. Program does not display my USB disk
6. Are customized Windows sources supported?
7. What do the advanced options do?
8. My system won't boot from USB
9. Is (U)EFI supported?
10. How do I add another Windows or Linux source?
11. When adding NT6 (Vista and above setup or PE based utility) ISO occupied space on the USB disk is 150-220 MB more than my source
12. Is the program free and may it be freely redistributed?
13. XP/2003/2000 Setup is very slow when copying files at Text mode phase
14. How to report bugs or problems with the program?
15. How to remove already added sources?
16. How to edit boot menu names?
17. I am unable to add Linux/Other grub4dos ISO because it cannot be de-fragmented

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  1. I am facing a problem when adding any ISO file. I have not install 7-Zip program but constantly appear message “7-Zp console has stopped working”. What can I do.Thanks.

    • 7-zip is used internally to list contents and extract from​ ISO files.
      If it hangs or crashes, there is something wrong on your system, as it’s extremely stable and that’s the first time I see report for issues with it.
      Sorry that I cannot help further, that’s something local you need to figure out yourself.

  2. [email protected] says:

    could not update boot.wim when i try windows 10 please help

  3. Hello, can somebody help me with such problem: I add one bootable ISO via LinuxISO/Other Grub4Dos and then add another ISO same way but during the installation there appear window with text “Couldn’t defragment … ISO”-may be problems. What it can be?

    • Apparently there is no enough contiguous free space on the drive and the file ends up fragmented.
      You could use larger drive, or reformat the same and start with the largest ISOs. Make sure you always start using new drive with the auto-format option, it tries to create as much contiguous space as possible when formatting.

      Could also try to defrag the existing files- there is included WinContig, there is also free “contig” command line tool from Sysinternals/Microsoft.

      Linux/Other grub4dos ISOs MUST be defragmented to work.

      • What’s the minimum free space so it can be defragmented? i got around 500mb left and got those error. Pretty annoying since i want to make a compact All-In-One Flashdrive and have to start again..

      • I have 1,7 GB left on my pendrive, yet I get this error for Hirens or Lubuntu ISOs. I wanted to upload one of them.

        • Hirens from ISO file doesn’t work, you must extract it from ISO(similar to doing Windows XP/2000). About error with defragment; I needed to format pen once again. ;-/

  4. Works great except one thing: “Add persistance”. Tried Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Fedora, PcLinux, Mint. Though it sets a *.pers file, after the next start everything is forgotten.

  5. How to delete a startup that has been installed, but can’t see the ISO file in WINSETUP and ISO

  6. I have a few questions and they maybe kind of advanced for normal users.
    1. Which boot.wim does this use the one in the made folder “G:\WINSETUP\7×64\boot.wim” or the one from the ISO under sources? I ask as I add drivers to my boot.wim/install.swm files.
    2. Does this support $OEM$ customizing as I would normally put it under the sources folder but as it copies it as an ISO I cannot. I tried to delete the ISO after making the USB and coping over the files but it dosn’t work.

    I hoping I can get this to work as I have made AIO with 7/8.1/10 in one .wim/.swm file, but have been trying to keep them separate. So if I only need to update or change one I don’t have edit and rebuild the one install.swm.

    I have made separate folders 7/8.1/10 and edited the bcd files to point to the boot.wim files but it either will not boot or
    if it boots it doesn’t find or show the install.swm. So I have no idea if its a guid or structure issue and files are not in the correct place.

  7. I’m having issues adding all in one setups of Windows 7 and 10 made froml the Original isos by me.
    I’m trying to add Gandalf’s win10pe too and it won’t run.
    Can somebody please help me?
    What can i do to resolve this?


  8. Hi, I had created bootable image on my external HDD instead of flash drive. Is it possible to restore partitions from backup, which WinSetup creating on start?
    Thanks for reply.

    • It doesn’t backup everything on the disk. Did you format the disk? Using what program, what options?

  9. I know, it say first n bits. There was auto format with windows 10 iso and default settings. It’s 1TB HDD, so i hope, there was not many data overwritten. The question is, how to easiest get some of them out .

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