WinSetupFromUSB 1.2.7z


Filename WinSetupFromUSB-1-2.7z
Filesize 22 MB
Version 1.2
Date added December 19, 2013
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Category WinSetupFromUSB
Tags winsetupfromusb-1-2-7z
CRC-32 3f1e3834
MD5 cc57dd1026b1edbe29ed126dd9f1a3a8
SHA-1 67f997d923a549bf45ebc2619db6389c056d6eff

Changes from version 1.1:

  • Fixed bug where program running on Windows localized in other than English language would not add NT6 source
  • Improved handling when program is placed and run from directories which contain special characters- `~@#$%^&()-+=,; Single quote – ‘ is not supported in program directory path and there is a check for that
  • Added an advanced option for NT6 (Vista and later) sources to add Q-Dir File Explorer, which starts before Setup. This is useful to quickly browse disk contents and backup and restore files before launching Setup, rather than booting first in another OS to perform the same task. When Q-Dir is closed, Setup starts.
  • BootIce updated to version