WinSetupFromUSB 1.8.exe


Filename WinSetupFromUSB-1-8.exe
Filesize 24 MB
Version 1.8
Date added May 16, 2017
Downloaded 2756739 times
Category WinSetupFromUSB
Tags winsetupfromusb 1.8
CRC-32 c7f36baf
MD5 50b89b0766168bc4461be475fdb67e76
SHA-1 c145db756375206eec1c2c148225654164826139

Changes since version 1.7

  • fixed issue with Windows 10 and recovery option not shown
  • fixed issue with persistence file size not set correctly and tooltip for using it
  • updated some the tools to their latest version- BootIce, ImDisk, WimLib