Supported Sources

Here is an incomplete list of some of the supported sources tested with WinSetupFromUSB.
Since new sources are added frequently, please check again for updates.

Tests are usually performed on a NTFS formatted USB flash disk, including the Linux based ones. If there are additional steps needed to get a source going or another file system is needed, there will be a note.

Please leave a comment if you have tested another source, with a description and link to it, or if you have a request for a new one.

WindowsLinux / *BSD / *nixAntivirus Rescue DisksDOS/Other

Windows 2000/XP/2003 Setup option, multiple sources are supported:

  • Windows XP, any architecture (32 and 64 bits), any Service Pack (SP), any version (Home, Professional etc.)
  • Windows 2000, any SP, any version
  • Windows 2003, any architecture, any SP, any version

Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / Server 2008/2012 based ISO option, multiple sources are supported::

UBCD4Win/WinBuilder/Windows FLPC setup/BartPE option:

IA64/Itanuim versions are not tested.

Linux ISO/Other Grub4dos compatible ISO option, multiple sources are supported:

Ubuntu / Xubuntu / Kubuntu

Note- if there are problems starting or installing Debian/Ubuntu from USB hard disk take a look at this tutorial

Fedora / CentOS / RedHat
Suse / OpenSUSE

Use Linux ISO/Other Grub4dos compatible ISO option unless other specified

Use Linux ISO/Other Grub4dos compatible ISO option

448 thoughts on “Supported Sources

  1. “Colud not prepare NT6 boot files”
    I can not write the image win10 nor win7. Although earlier on the same computer recorded the same images.
    Here is a fragment of the log

    Extracting efi\microsoft\boot\memtest.efi
    Extracting efi\microsoft\boot\resources
    Extracting efi\microsoft\boot\resources\bootres.dll
    Extracting efi\microsoft\boot\winsipolicy.p7b

    Everything is Ok

    Folders: 10
    Files: 58
    Size: 39752226
    Compressed: 4361897984

    2019/11/28 16:37:04- ЌҐ г¤ Ґвбп ®вЄалвм ¤ ­­лҐ Є®­дЁЈга жЁЁ § Јаг§ЄЁ.
    ЋвЄ § ­® ў ¤®бвгЇҐ.

    2019/11/28 16:37:04- Could not split GUIDs
    2019/11/28 16:37:04- Func _ParseGUIDs returned error 3
    2019/11/28 16:37:04- Func MakeVistaBoot returned an error: 6
    2019/11/28 16:37:14- Removing TEMP folder
    2019/11/28 16:37:14- ———————————Program quited———————————————–

    • It’s Microsoft’s default files and locations, not mine.
      That source uses heavily modified/customized boot structure which cannot be easily supported in multiboot, plus that structure can change at any moment wasting all eventual efforts to support it.

  2. Sir
    I want to rename the winsetup folder to the custom folder ….

    For this I have changed the path of Windows ISO through winpeshl.ini

    And the path of boot.Wim is changed through the change in the bcd file.

    But the path of imdisk is not changing.

    I think this is possible after the change to winpresetup.

    Sir please guide me how i can do this?

  3. Is this software still being update?

    If so, can MS-DOS 6.22, Windows 3.1 Windows 95 And Windows 98 Second Edition be added to the next update?

    • It is, when needed and when possible.
      Have you tried adding these as Linux/Other ISO?
      If that doesn’t work, I doubt these will be prioritized and included in next work.
      You can also get you going by googling grub4dos + windows 3.1/95/98. Think there were some caveats but don’t recall the details.

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