WinSetupFromUSB 1.1.exe


Filename WinSetupFromUSB-1-1.exe
Filesize 22 MB
Version 1.1
Date added December 9, 2013
Downloaded 219537 times
Category WinSetupFromUSB
Tags winsetupfromusb-1-1-exe
CRC-32 df566321
MD5 6cfdab6b633764c4c9fac99acf132927
SHA-1 18d5032d0fa676708118124e3a17b2feb92e9b2a

Changes since version 1.0:

  • (U)EFI support for Windows Vista x64 SP1 and later 64 bits Windows. USB disk must be formatted in FAT32 as per EFI specifications to boot under EFI. To prepare USB disk running the program under Windows XP or 2003, which do not include bcdedit.exe,  an active internet connection must be present in order to download it
  • default auto-format file system has been changed to FAT32 for EFI compatibility
  •  Firadisk driver is now added to each XP 32 bits source, but disabled by default. A new option in DPMS and custom F6 floppy menus activates it. This should help loading SATA/AHCI/RAID drivers from virtual floppy on problematic machines
  • NT6 sources boot menus are now handled by BOOTMGR
  • fixed recognition of Windows 8.1 sources which contain INSTALL.ESD instead of INSTALL.WIM
  • added check in boot menu for Linux sources to warn if PLoP is loaded. Linux sources would not work with PLoP loaded as it supports only read mode
  • removed the ZIP archive as it seems some users tend to launch the program directly from the Windows zip folder view, rather than extracting all files and folders. A self extracting SFX archive is added instead
  • updated wimlib to 1.5.3 which would also fix the issues with the first 1.0 versions (downloaded before 14.Nov.2013) and NT6 sources
  • various small bug fixes