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  1. Hi there! I have been using this software for years. Since the first time I’ve have the next problem with just a few PC’s. When I try to boot from the USB drive (USB stick or HDD-USB), the PC’s get stucked in the motherboard manufacturer’s logo. In my work, the most of the PC’s are Foxconn and whit them I have that problem, so my HDD-USB is useless. I need to make a USB stick booteable with another software to proceed to install an S.O or do something else I need .

    Have you ever seen this problem before? Thanks a lot.

    • Have you tried the other format tools included – RMPrepUSB, BootIce? You will need to experiment and find which one works on this hardware.

    • Yes. Click on advanced options and select to display disks on all interfaces. Be careful which disk you select!
      Apparently Windows does not present the disk as connected to USB bus, hence not displayed without that option.

  2. hi
    when i select winsetupfromusb ver 1.8
    0 windows NT6 (vista/7/ and above) setup …. appears this issue
    ( booting ‘windows NT6 (vista/7/ and above) setup’
    ls /shifthd.bat > nul || find –set-root –devices=hf /shifthd.bat
    Error 15: file not found
    press any key to continue … )

    please help me.

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