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  1. i keep getting this error while booting windows 10 32 or 64 bit

    and it tells me that windows/system32/boot/winload.exe does not exist or somthing else

    how can i solve this problem?

  2. Assuming that winload.exe DOES exist, windoze is unable to find it because it can’t access the boot device. Ergo, your BIOS does not support the boot device, or you need to revise a BIOS setting.

    • my flash drive got both windows 10 and 8.1
      there is no problem with 8.1 only win 10 has this problem neigher if i put only win 10 on the flash drive
      i tested it on 4 pc’s and 2 laptops all got the same problem

      • As I mentioned earlier, from the FAQ “”:
        Windows 10 – single ISOs created by Microsoft Media Creation Tool or downloaded from Microsoft should work. Dual ISOs made by the same tool (x32 and x64 in a single ISO) are NOT supported yet due to the changed structure. Such source can still be added using the previous versions which dump entire contents as they are, 1.0 beta8 for example. Limitations- such source needs to be added first, and any other sources of the same type,but not the same x32+x64, has to be added using 1.6 beta 2 or later.

  3. ماذا يعني ‘ناير’؟
    Perhaps your Windoze 10 ISO is defective?
    You said above, “i keep getting this error while booting windows 10 32 or 64 bit”. Are you booting windoze or the windoze installation iso? If the former, you can’t run Windoze from a USB stick. It’s not Linux. If the latter case, I seem to recall that WINSETUPFROMUSB does not work with combination (32-bit and 64-bit) ISOs. Download a 32-bit OR 64-bit ISO and add it to your USB stick. If you need both, add separate ISOs.

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