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  1. Hi, I’m using Dell Latitude 7490 that has a Micro SD card reader on PCI bus and can boot from card reader.
    However, even though I have inserted the SD card, when I run this program it says “No USB Disks or not properly partitioned.ReFormat with tools below”.
    I think this program does not find a USB disk on the PCI bus. Because when I insert SD card through external USB card reader, it works perfectly.
    And this situation happens during booting too. Even though some images are installed in my Micro SD via external USB card reader, when it inserted in built-in card reader (on PCI), your boot program keep saying “can not initializing USB…” (can’t remember exactly). but if the Micro SD inserted via external USB card reader it works.
    Please help me to use built-in card reader.

    • There is advanced option to display all disks, not only on USB interface. Use with care.
      When booting, again, program sees what Windows sees, it doesn’t have any magic power. If the SD card is unavailable at that time, program can’t do anything, it’s Windows not seeing it or not having it ready at that time.

      Program is intended for USB devices. Having SD card on PCI bus means that there is nothing USB in the equation.

  2. Hello,
    First of all I wanted to thank you for developing such a useful tool and distributing it free of charge.
    I am facing a problem while trying to use WinSetupFromUSB 1.8 to create a Macrium Reflect USB rescue media.
    The error I get is “Could not prepare NT6 boot files!”. The program then stops.
    I remember being able to use your program with Macrium’s iso in the past. Also, the iso is bootable when burned directly to the USB stick from Macrium.
    On a side note, your program does work with other isos.

    Here’s the link to the log and .cab files as per FAQ:

        • Appologies for the delay, but I still can’t get to my test rig due to holidays, work and other important stuff I need to take care of. Hope to get on that this weekend if in town.

          • Don’t mention it, I am in no way entitled to any support, so I am quite grateful for you even planning on doing it.
            Even more so in the holidays, therefore have a nice vacation and, if you have time for it later, let me know then.

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