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  1. Is there any way that you could add support for a USB HDD or SSD so we can make a master boot HDD that is more reliable than a USB Flash Drive? I would assume that this would just need a change in the program to recognize the drive attached by USB.

    • USB hard disks are supported since the very first version. Actually, most of tests while working on the program, are on USB disk.
      If it’s not shown for you, try the advanced option “show disks on all interfaces”, but VERY careful which disk you select, internal disks will also be displayed.

  2. Hi there,

    Firstly, thanks for a great program. I’ve been using it on and off for the past week, and only just now run into an error. When formatting the USB on an 8GB USB drive and selecting FAT16 (for MS-DOS), I get the error “FAT16 supports up to 4GiB partitions, try resetting to FAT32”. Why is this?

      • No. I haven’t specified that I need a 4GiB or higher partition, so why is it forcing me to use FAT32 when I’d rather use FAT16?

        • There is no option to select partition size when using auto-format, full drive capacity is used, which is 8 GB in your case and FAT16 can’t be used.

            • Only can’t use the auto-format option.

              There are BootIce and RMPrepUSB included, can use either. Don’t recall if the also included FBinstTool supports custom partition size. Loads of external tools also exists. So there are plenty of options.

              Why insist on FAT16?

              • I’ll try and use them, then.

                I’m creating a DOS 6.22 boot disk in order to run legacy programs contained in the root of the USB. Booting into DOS 6.22 works well enough on FAT32 but I don’t get access to any of the files on the root, and I was told FAT16 might make a difference.

  3. either or all of sources boot.wim bootmgr\boot\, \boot\BCd are missing,or source is not supported error

  4. Como puedo desinstalar sistemas que fueron agregados al pendrive con el programa WinSetupFromUSB_1-8_x64, sin llegar a formatear el usb???

  5. 1) I never heard of Gandalf
    2) You can indeed start windows 10 from an ISO that you download from M$ AFTER you transfer it to a bootable USB, either using the tool provided by M$, or by using a product like WinsetupfromUSB. I’ve been doing it almost every month since the first build of W10. Here is the link for bootable isos:
    3) If the Gandalf ISO is already startable from USB, that is probably the reason you can’t start it from WinSetupfromUSB, which assumes it is working from an ISO designed for CD-rom.
    4) So, once again, download the ISO from M$, and use WinSetupFromUSB to make a bootable USB, or use Gandalf, but don’t try to combine the two.

    • According to the Gandalf website, the ISO is 4.3 GB, and contains all sorts of additional programs besides W10. It says, “After downloading, burn the bootable ISO file to a USB large of 8gb or larger, using rufus or a similar program to create your bootable USB.” So, that is the same procedure that you should use for the M$ download, and it should work with WinSetupFromUSB as well, except the modifications to the standard ISO may prevent it.

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