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      • 2 sources…
        Windows 10 “I’m sure it’s Microsoft ISO”
        Windows 7 “Not Sure if it’s a stock version” but it can be installed in some PCs without problems

        • Replace that Windows 7 with stock one and rebuild the USB stick, then test again.
          Modified sources often have wrong bootloader files which might mess up the boot process.

  1. Hi,
    Pendrive was working fine with multiboot, and booting with legancy and uefi, but suddenly no idea what happened, lagency boot not working, only uefi boot working.

  2. Такая вот проблема помогите пожалуйста…
    USB накопитель использую 32ГБ В WinSetupFromUSB Ставлю пункт Auto format it with FBinst, в формате FAT32 и добавляю образы по очереди, все как обычно. Но начиная с версии Win10 2004 19041.264 и все следующие новые сборки вплоть до 21H2 X64 не хотят запускаться на устройствах UEFI и MBR выдают ошибку Could not mount the virtual disk. Cannot continue, press OK to reboot.
    А образы X86 запускаются без проблем на любых устройствах с UEFI и MBR

  3. Hiren’s BootCD not working properly on my USB. Windows starts up good but there was missing utilities. Everything was good with Rufus but i experience issues with WinSetup. Whats the problem?

  4. so i need to boot a manjaro image in my pc, USB boots first the windows boot manager, when i press ESC it brings me to the computer’s boot device selector,how do i boot first to Grub4Dos without removing existing files, laptop is a Legion 5 2020

  5. Maintenance boot iso’s like Arconis and Minitool Partition Wizard don’t show up it UEFI Boot devices

  6. It says could not mount the virtual disk Cannot cotinue press to redoot when the download starts, what should I do? what is the problem in the program or in the system itself or in the computer?

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