1. (EN) How to add multiple Windows XP / 2000 / 2003 sources and Kaspersky Rescue CD
  2. (EN) How to add multiple Windows NT6/10 (Vista, 7, 8, 10, Server 2008/2012) sources and Ubuntu Desktop with persistence
  3. (EN) How to figure out what type the source is and which option to use
  4. (EN) How to start Debian and its derivatives from USB hard disk
  5. (RU) WinSetupFromUSB инструкция по использованию
  6. (RU) Мультизагрузочная флешка с помощью WinSetupFromUSB
  7. (ES) Cómo instalar Windows XP, 7, 8/8.1 desde el mismo PenDrive
  8. (ES) WinSetupFromUSB Guide – Maravento
  9. (HU) Multiboot USB eszköz készítése
  10. (PL) Instalacja Windows XP z pendrive
  11. (VN) Hướng Tạo USB Chứa Nhiều Bộ Cài Đặt Windows

247 thoughts on “Tutorials

    • I am afraid it’s not supported, due to the heavy customisations in this source. One way of doing it is to use WinsetupfromUSB 1.0 beta 8, but you won’t be able to have any other Windows 7/10 sources on the same USB.

    • This likely has nothing to do with the program and without additional details is hard to guess what’s happening.

      Most likely you booted in BIOS/compatible mode, but the INTERNAL disk is partitioned as GPT.
      Either boot in UEFI mode if possible, or convert it to MBR partitions if possible.

  1. Hello, this program is simply magnific, thank you developer for such a great work. That said i ve found that my ngff disk with a “jmicro” adapter is not recognized, how can i be able to us it with this program?

    • Hello and thanks.
      Advanced options, show disks on all interfaces, and be careful with the selection as internal disks will also be displayed!

  2. Hi!
    I love the program and it surpasses the qualities providing security to the pendrive boot.
    I have managed to make a multiboot pendrive with dual mode for uefi and legacy at the same time.
    I need to know how to create a password for the menu?

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