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  1. alguien me explica como cambiar el color del fondo del menu de boot quiero ponerle el negro y las letras que esten en blaco como se hace? gracias

    • Danilo Tovar. Después que integras las ISO con winsetupfromusb, este crea un archivo en la raíz de la usb llamado menu.lst. Lo abres con un editor (notepad, etc) y en el encabezado aparece color black/cyan yellow/cyan y esto es lo que debes cambiar para los colores del menu

  2. Tengo problemas con windows 10 build 1903 cuando lo ejecuta aparece el Logo del Windows 8 y se queda ahi y no arranca, con los demas windows 7 y XP sin problema, hay que cambiar algo?

  3. I’ve set up 2 drives to multiboot between a Windows installer and a Linux-based imaging software. If the boot menu times out on my original, it automatically boots to the internal disk. On the other drive, it automatically boots to my imaging software after the menu times out. I can’t find how this was changed. Can someone tell me how I can change this back so that the two drives’ behavior matches?

    • How exactly did you set this up?
      Using what boot manager?
      Are these 2 separate internal drives, or do you mean 2 sources on same USB disk? Why 2 drives if it’s 2 drives? You would need to provide a lot more details for someone to able to help.

    • Because windows does not see it as usb drive…
      Click on advanced options, select to show disks on all interfaces and be careful which disk you select!

  4. To let a flash drive with WinXP booting, my BIOS is waiting for NTLDR and NTDETECT.COM and probably some others.
    Should WinSetupFromUSB provide them or should they come from a third party?
    The matter is I cannot see them after working with WinSetupFromUSB.
    Please, do mention at what stage NTLDR and NTDETECT.COM are created.

    • Assuming it’s XP Setup you added.
      BIOS loads MBR, which loads grub4dos, which loads setupldr.bin when the first stage of setup is selected, or ntldr if the second stage, then both these files load ntdetect.com. The last 3 files come from the Windows setup source.

      If you are having issues, better provide more details what you are trying to achieve, what you have done so far and what exactly happens.

      • I deemed WinSetupFromUSB is as much sophisticated as to provide all the necessary boot files on a flash drive, not only the boot records themselves. Maybe, I was mistaken.

        Now, I can see the BIOS messages NTLDR not found and the like.

        Can WinSetupFromUSB also provide NTDETECT.COM, sif, etc. files necessary for the flash drive to boot?

        Or else these should come with any WinPE cut-off version, say, sized 50-200 Mb and even more as a precondition?

        I sought for making a flash drive with WinPE to boot.

        • Supplying Windows files is surely neither possible, nor allowed, let alone how many different versions exist.
          Program is to transfer an already made source to USB and that source needs to have all required boot files. Program can’t act as PE builder, that’s well out of its scope I am afraid.

  5. Can’t even include the mount for Windows 10 (32 & 64bit) in this program? Or can it be included as one of the previous Windows?

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