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  1. Coloquem no programa a opção PXE para instalação dos sistemas através da rede local.

    • Just use the default FAT32 partition, the program will do the rest. The same USB disk will also work in BIOS mode without modifications.

      • Locked out? You don’t know the login password? Or something else? To install a fresh copy of Windows, you need to access the system BIOS to change boot drive. You also need to download a copy of Windows 7 (on another system), if you can find it anywhere, and put it on a USB thumb drive. It may be more complicated, too.

  2. Can anybody HELP me as im clueless how & im also locked out of my dell laptop so unable make a clean windows download eaither usb flashdrive|pendrive|disk ,But im looking for pendrive|usbdrivr re-install disk|recovery-disk anybody no were i can get a disk recovery windows 7 | 10 | 11 ,its Wind 7 on it 32bit , or any sites that i mayb able get wot i need , Thanks

  3. How to prepare Windows XP setup files to be installed from USB disk onto the same USB disk? It is said that’s possible on the front page.

  4. Can I change Windows Iso path/Location from “WINSETUP” to custom folder by Changing In “Winpeshl.ini”?
    otherwise how can I change ?

          • Sorry, maybe you didn’t understand my question.
            menu.lst loads bootmgr then bootmgr loads bcd and then bcd loads the modified boot.wim. When the system is fully booted “Winpeshl.ini” mount the Windws iso. I want to change the Windows iso path in “Winpeshl.ini” it doesn’t boot. I want to put windows iso in custom folder instead of winsetup folder.

            your Winpeshl.ini
            %systemdrive%\windows\WinPreSetup.exe, “/mountiso=WINSETUP\W11_x64\Windows11x64.iso”
            %systemdrive%\windows\WinPreSetup.exe, “/startsetup”

            I wand to modified to
            %systemdrive%\windows\WinPreSetup.exe, “/mountiso=WindowsIso\Windows11x64.iso”
            %systemdrive%\windows\WinPreSetup.exe, “/startsetup”

  5. Let’s hope WinSetupFromUSB is recognized as number 1 in creating bootable media. I’ve already done great stuff on that one and I couldn’t upload it to youtube

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