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224 thoughts on “Tutorials

  1. Great Tool Thank you!!!
    at first i was gettin an error message ” update boot.wim could not run and to shut down anything using it. I treid a couple times with sane result. So i reinstalled Winsetup from usb and instead of foramtting with fbinst THen adding the ISO i formatted without the /iso. Then went back and added the first iso. It went off smoothly. I ONLY mention this error message in case its info is of any value to anyone.
    Can this tool be used to format or repair a usb HDD with bad sectors? it does way more than just let you boot win fromusb. Id also like to know how to donate

    • The error is most likely some other program interfering with the temp folder of WSFU temporarily locking it- antivirus, online drive sync etc. Try using c:\winsetupfromusb\ if haven’t done so yet.

      What you did to overcome this, most likely only changed timing when the folder is locked but gave program enough time to do its job.

      For repairing bad sectors, you need to use drive manufacturer software, whatever that is. No any other software can offer this, no matter what it claims. Chkdsk for example would only try to access every sector, thus forcing disk firmware to replace them bad ones when hit with spare sectors. Nothing really is done by chkdsk, all internal work is done by the drive firmware.

      In my experience this has only temporary results. Once bad sectors start developing, sooner or later there will be more and more.

      • I agree completely about bad sectors. Even with software to mark them as bad and replace them with spare sectors, once a drive has a single bad sector it is time to replace the drive. Best to use software like SPECCY under Windows or various other Linux programs to view the SMART data for a drive, including health of disk sectors.

        • I’ll try speccy. Easeus had me thinking all was well with the drive and the computer acted like it was fine but it never was actually useable after using easeus. I may have done something wrong. It’s just a toshiba pocket drive must be flash mem not ssdd and it doesn’t spin. I unplugged it from windows without ejecting and it just went “KAPUT”

      • Thank you for a speedy reply. I did untinstall an AV prior to rerunning WSFU. I forgot about that. So it worked well burning the usb. Unfortunately I am not good with computers but I wish I knew how to use all the features of WSFU. It seems to do a lot!! Thank you for the info on the bad drive. All I did was unplug it without ejecting and it seemed to destroy it. Until that moment the drive was fine. But there may have been some underlying reason. I haven’t found any tools for a toshiba pocket drive so far. Thank you

    • With this much information I could only answer – by obtaining supported ISO I would say 🙂

      Now, if need to guess, that’s Windows 7/8/10 ISO, and you either got corrupted download, or some heavily customised ISO which is missing the mentioned files/directories, or ISO not produced in UDF format which 7-zip can’t open.

      As a side note, this isn’t really a question in “tutorials” page.

  2. i made up a 64 gb flash which worked perfect, i cloned this disk and the clone failed to work, any idea’s why? thanks

  3. I have created multiboot windows 7 and 10. now i want to make these all in one windows in iso image for backup for further burning. how can i make all windows bootable iso image.

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