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  1. Hi – Steve here from Easy2Boot.
    I have seen many comments from many people who think that WSFUSB will only install one Windows ISO or one linux ISO. I must say I also thought the same when I first used it too. Many people just quickly try WSFUSB – think it only supports one ISO and then quit it and try another multiboot solution.

    I would advise you to change the GUI – perhaps to just *one* drop-down list for…

    Add to USB disk:
    Add Win2k/XP/2003
    Add Win Vista/7/8/10
    Add UBCD/WimBuilder
    Add Linux
    Add SysLinux

    When user selects one of these it shows a form with field for file path plus only the relevant Advanced options underneath for that type of file and a Go button.

    Just a suggestion… 🙂

    • Thanks Steve, appreciated.
      I had this in mind for long time, name change as well, just never got to doing it as spare time is so limited…

  2. hi
    help me..
    WinSetupFromUSB is great utility for creating a “multiboot” usb stick, great for technicians who want to only carry around less USB sticks while still having all the different installation media available. On my 64GB USB3.0 stick, I’ve got Windows 7, 10, DBAN (secure erase), Clonezilla (disk cloning), Hiren’s BootCD (troubleshooting) and a variety of linux distros.

    Recently, when adding any versions of Windows Setup ISO image file to WinSetupFromUSB the following error occurred –

    This doesn’t seem to be valid source!

    Either or all of \sources\boot.wim, \bootmgr

    \boot\, \boot\BCD are missing, or source is not supported.

    RETRY to select another source or CANCEL to return to the main menu
    Retry | Cancel

  3. I have been using this utility for a few years. I have a couple 2 TB Western Digital USB drives that I had previously set up with no problem. I just purchased some new Seagate 2 TB drives that WinSetupFromUSB will not recognize.

    “No USB Disks detected or not properly formatted”

    The Seagate drives came formatted as GPT, but I converted them to MBR because that’s what the program is looking for according to FAQ #5. I’ve also attempted to clone one of my working multi-boot USB drives that were configured using WinSetupFromUSB. The new drives will still not boot and still get the same message that No USB disks are detected from this program.

    I tried using FBInstTool, Bootice, and RMPrepUSB, but I don’t know what changes to make in those utilities that would make the USB drive readable in WinSetupFromUSB.

    • Have you tried the advanced option “show disks on all interfaces”?
      If still no luck- please post the log file.

        • Disk is seen as SCSI because of the controller it uses, that’s Windows driver+disk controller thing, nothing to do with the program.
          Try reformatting it with RMPrepUSB, selecting bootloader option as BOOTMGR, FAT32 and checkmark on Boot as HDD.

          • Thank you. I first got several error messages from RMPrepUSB. After using the “Clean” option, it formatted successfully. Now choosing to display disk drives on all interfaces shows my Seagate drive as an option.

  4. i’ve installed windows 10 with wintousb on a toshiba canvio external disk.. don´t know why, i chosed win pro and it had insatll home.. it was OK.. i run windows in the disk.. but i mede the process again to install pro edition, them it dont´t boot anymore.. winload.exe problem.. i tried the solution bootrec with no sucess.. i tried again to reinstall, and again.. but this disk runs this OS in another pc.. what could this be.. i think BIOS has the same config as before

    • edit: i choosed MBR for bios and uefi.. if i choose mbr for bios i get an error of disk can´t boot pres control+alt+delete

    • solved.. well, i put it to work.. made with wintousb in a VM Win10.. don’t know why, it’s fine now.. at first, i was made in wintousb in win 7..

  5. i cannot run the exe file which your site allows me to download. I tried both 1.8 and 1.9 and both try to autoextract then fail to extract…

  6. Please, help me, I am running winsetupfromusb 1.9 x64 but when I click on the rmprepusb button it does nothing, no window appears as well as when I click on the other two buttons.
    in the log file it appears as if the window had opened but it is not like that

  7. winsetupfromusb 1.8 add done windows xp sp3, hiren boot and windows 7 and 10 but issue some system not showing xp setup and hiren boot ….What should be done it

  8. winsetupfromusb 1.8 add done windows xp sp3, hiren boot and windows 7 and 10 but issue some system not showing xp setup and hiren boot showing direct windows 7 and 10…. What should be done it

    Having the same problem on WinSetupFromUsb version 1.9 and 1.8 too, tried several times now. The above log is from 1.8, if you want 1.9 log, I’ll give you.
    Windows 10 v1903 64-bit installation gets added and boots fine.
    Windows 10 v1903 32-bit installation gets added fine, but when booting, it shows “waiting usb disks to initialize” message, then error “Please reinsert the USB disk”.
    This error means that WinPreSetup.exe can’t find the ISO file. I’ve mounted boot.wim and checked winpeshl.ini, it has the right path to ISO. I’ve mounted boot.wim from 64-bit and checked winpeshl.ini, and the entry is similar, and there, it works, on the same PC.
    Must be some differences in 32-bit and 64-bit procedure?

    • This error means that the USB disk is not available, surely its contents too. Setup helper keeps trying to find the USB disk, but eventually times out. Unless there is a bug in the helper, that means Windows have not yet mounted the disk for some reason. Setup helpers for 32 and 64 bits are 100% identical, just same code is compiled in 2 binaries, 32 and 64 bits.

      Usually down to USB 3.0 or other drivers required, or something along the lines. Possible workarounds- try another USB port, preferably 2.0 if there are such, try USB 2.0 USB disk/stick, check BIOS settings if there are any funny options about USB.

      • I’ve used Rufus to write the same 32-bit ISO to USB directly, and guess what? It does boot and show the setup interface, but the mouse or keyboard don’t work. So my guess is, in the Windows 10 32-bit setup, driver support is broken, so keyboard, mouse, storage don’t work, that’s why WinPreSetup.exe can’t mount the ISO. Very weird though, why the 64-bit installation works fine?

        • That’s hard to know, might figure out by trial and error method, disconnecting peripherals, changing BIOS settings if any and/or adding USB drivers to the source.

  10. Hello,
    I have a problem installing any kind of boot device. It always gives me an “Nt6 Fatal Error”. I dont know where the problem is, tried on many different devices. The Stick is an Adata UV131 16GB USB 3.1.
    Pls for help.

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