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  1. Hi, i found that i cant open the program, it says “Can not open the file as 7z Archive”
    “Unexpected end of data”
    I have installed 7zip so i dont know whats the problem

  2. Hello
    I think 1.9 has bugs

    Bug #1
    i have a windows 7 ISO with 32 & 64 together
    this software created 2 entries of windows 7
    1st one works fine
    2nd one shows eeror of disk drivers not found

    for UEFI BIOS
    I have added windows 8 & windows 10 iso
    the OS Selection screen becomes very small in size
    it becomes normal when operating system is loaded

    • Win7- are we sure same source boots fine when added with other program, say the MS tool? What disk drivers, post the exact message please.
      Win10- same question- are we sure boot menu is fine when same source is added using the MS tool?

      Are both of these stock Microsoft sources, unmodified?

        • For Win 7- not sure why this would appear, program doesn’t install any drivers except imdisk, but I believe you are well past that step. You might be to troubleshoot this further by looking at setup log files:

          Can also place an empty file named debugme in that source subfolder under WINSETUP on the USB disk and log files will be copied there as they grow.

          As for Win 10, what happens if you first add Win 10 and then Win 8? Likely some of the font files from Win8 interfere with Win10 bootmgr. If 1.8 worked fine using very same sources, were they added in exactly the same order?
          To elaborate- when adding sources program replaces only bootmgr if it’s newer, all other boot files in /boot/ are left intact if they already exist.

  3. Hi, I try to use Corsair Flash Voyager® GTX USB 3.0 256GB Flash Drive, but the software do not recognize it. The drive was already formatted several times with different tools. It works awesome on smaller drives.

    • Computer/Windows doesn’t present it being on USB bus. Click on advanced options, show disks on all interfaces. Be very careful what you select there!

  4. Hello. I try putting the Latest Hiren’s Boot CD using the Vista7/10/ ISO Option but when I select it from the boot menu I get “there isn’t enough memory available to create a ramdisk device” Error message. Any help solving this problem would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Hello i just downloaded this and added my windows 7 iso. It gives me an error that the file is too large and therefore will be split in 2 parts. I clicked yes, and i can now see in the winsetup/win7 folder on my USB that there is a file called
    “windows7x64.iso.001” (4.194.304 KB)
    and one called
    “windows7x64.iso.002” (246.401 KB)
    Is this going to cause any issues when i try to install? I mean the fact that the iso is split in 2 parts? I know that i can see the .001 and .002 because i have disabled “hide extensions for known file types” in folder options. And i know that the iso is being split because in fat 32 you can’t transfer files above X size.

    I also have windows 10 on it, bu i didn’t get any errors to split that one so i guess that one should work just fine.

    Hope you have an answer, and if not i’ll just try it out one of these days before installing windows 10 to see if it works. And i’ll come back here to let you know if it worked in case anyone else has this “issue”.

    Thanks for the cool program btw 😉

    • That’s not an error, just information. Nothing to worry about.
      Win10 ISO was not split because it must have been less than 4 GB.

  6. Hi,

    Program is great , it works very well. Only now i have a problem. I created multiple partitions, windows pe, windows 7, windows 10 and ubuntu on a 64gb flash drive. Everything worked fine until recently. The problem is with loader, when i try to select the option that i want. Ubuntu runs fine, and also i can boot to uefi windows boot manager. But in loader when i try to select one of the options i get this error.

    Error occured while savedefault

    ls/shifthd.bat>nul : : find –set-root — devices=HF /shifthd.bat

    Error 15:file not found

    Any advice?


    • Did you create several partitions or added several sources using the same partition? If multiple partitions- please describe how it’s split, which is active, which are primary, where boot files are etc.
      Is shifthd.bat present in root of the active partition?
      Are you using PLOP?

  7. Hello,
    What is the procedure for updating to a new build? I first created a usb drive using WSFU that contains Windows 7, 8.1, 2012r2, and 10 v1803 (32bit and 64bit). I would like to replace the Windows 10 1803 32bit and 64bits with 1903.

    • Several options:
      1) Replace only the ISO file in the corresponding folder under /WINSETUP/ on the USB disk, keeping the same ISO file name as the old one. Can do that when there are minor differences between the versions. Can edit the boot menus if needed as per FAQ #16.
      2) Add the new source and remove the old one as per FAQ #15
      3) Get a large USB disk and keep adding sources not bothering about the old ones
      4) Reformat the USB disk and add only sources you need

  8. How would I add the boot only FreeBSD ISO? (`FreeBSD-12.0-RELEASE-amd64-bootonly.iso) ?, selecting the ‘Linux ISO/Other Grub4dos comptabile ISO’ results in a boot that fails with ‘BTX halted’ error.

  9. The FAQ says we can load an MS-DOS 7.1 ISO specifying “Linux ISO/Other Grub4dos compatible ISO”. Would this include the Windows 98 Startup CD (which runs under MS-DOS)?

      • Well, it works, but it’s useless. After booting, W98’s MS-DOS 7.1 thinks the USB drive is the primary (C:) drive, so “FDISK /MBR” writes to the USB drive, not HDD0. 🙁

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