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    • It’s not about the windows version or USB stick used, it’s about corrupt ISO file while 7-zip is extracting the boot files from the ISO to the local disk, no matter what windows version is that ISO.
      Again- please start with freshly downloaded _stock_ windows ISO with confirmed md5/sha checksums.

  1. I am facing the issue “waiting usb disk to initialize please wait” and i have tried all usb ports but the very same result ๐Ÿ™

    when i try windows 10, it works fine, but on windows 7 i face this issue ๐Ÿ™

    please help me how can i solve this issue?

    following page, i found some solution but it uses unknown software that i don’t want to use ๐Ÿ™

    any help please?

    • Windows 7 does not have built in USB 3 drivers, Windows 10 does, that’s Windows limitation.
      You will either have to integrate/slipstream the appropriate drivers in your source, or try the advanced option in the program which lets you provide such, or use USB 2.0 port/hardware is possible. Some BIOS-es might also have related option.

      • i am sorry but please read my post again, it’s nothing to do with usb 3 drivers as i have tried all ports (usb 3 and usb 2). on usb 2 ports it also shows the same error :(. And i see the problem doesn’t occurs on all system, only few and mainly on laptops :(. any suggestion/help?

        • I don’t have other answer for you buddy, your previous post does not mention that you tried other ports etc.
          That message means that the USB disk is not yet visible to Windows, in all cases due to lack of USB drivers and if Windows PE does not see the USB disk, setup surely can’t continue. Try slipstreaming some of the common USB drivers in the source and test.

        • Win7 does not have modern drivers for the latest usb 2 and 3 chipsets. If you add usb 3 drivers it will also add drivers for new usb 2 chipsets too.

  2. The system is operating correctly. Thank you for that. But, when I click somewhere in the menu and restart the computer, the menu remains in the same place. For example, menu> hiren bootcd
    –restart computer–
    again into hiren boot cd.
    I can’t go back to the main menu. I need to connect it to another computer to see the main menu again

    • Isn’t hiren boot cd on the main menu? Or do you mean that after restart it automatically starts that menu, without presenting the rest of the menu entries?

      • No it isn’t hiren boot cd on the main menu. After restart it automatically starts into “Hiren boot cd’s menu”

            • Was that file modified at some point?
              After windows setup entry, there should be another one to boot first internal disk which I can’t see. Was that removed?
              When Windows setup is used, the default entry on next boot would be to boot from internal disk, in your case that was replaced by Hiren BCD entry.
              You could remove the savedefault +1 line from Windows setup entry, and replace /default with the same file from WinSetupFromUSB install directory.

    • Click on advanced options, select to show disks on all interfaces, not only USB.
      Be careful what you select, if by mistake the internal disk is selected, data on it will be wiped out with no way to recover!

  3. I can add windows10 1803 into my USB๏ผŒbut there is an error when i use it to install windows is”could not mount the virtual disk ,cannot continue ,press ok to reboot”. why??

    • Likely be because the USB disk is not accessible. Try embedding the correct USB and chipset drivers in the source.

      • i add win7 ใ€win8ใ€win10 in the same USB disk at the same time .The other two can be used correctly. Only the win10 cannot

        • This does not mean that the win10 source has the correct drivers. It’s Windows setup not seeing the USB disk and the files on it, hence it can’t continue.

          • Tks for your answer .But the windows10 ISO file is in the USB disk ,it is cut into two files .why Windows setup not seeing it??

            • When the ISO file is over 4 GB it’s split in parts, because FAT32 does not support files bigger than 4 GB.
              This should have nothing to do with you issue.
              If the file is over 4 GB, then it’s likely not original Microsoft ISO.
              Try with unmodified, original ISO.

  4. Ok, now i am facing another issue,

    when i am trying to install/setup windows 10 (x64) it shows following error:

    “Cannot mount virtual disk. press ok to restart”

    i am using very recent version of windows 10 “Win10_1903_V2_English_x64”

    i even tried to update/replace the imdisk folder with the latest version (got help from another comment in this post)

    but still the same..

    any help please?

    thanks in advance..

    best regards

        • sir, i have told/mentioned i have tried that solution, (updating imdisk) but that didn’t work, it shows the same error ๐Ÿ™

            • yes win 10 is stock and unmodified iso directly downloaded from Microsoft. yes others iso works fine. for your reference my win 10 version is Win10_1903_V2_English_x64

              • Just tested Win10_1903_V2_English_x64.iso (SHA1: B7CA3CCDFE292E0466F2A62FFBEAB18972A7C7F9) and 1909 freshly downloaded from MS.
                First ISO was split as it’s over 4 GB and I was using FAT32, the second was not, it’s less than 4 GB.
                Both ISOs worked just fine, using the imdisk version included in v. 1.9.
                Can you copy some large file (close to 4 GB but less) to your USB and compare md5 or sha1 checksums of the source and the copied file? Wonder if the USB drive is reliable and is not corrupting files.

  5. Can you support doing everything, that is, loading linux if I choose a linux boot, and loading >4gb windows 10? we don’t care about grub4dos features. THERE IS NOTHING ON THE INTERNET TO DO THIS, BUT 10 PROGRAMS THAT DON’T. What is the point of that? Tell the linux people to make grub2 work, please ASAP. Or simply use grub2.

    TY. Explain how I can set up UEFI NTFS Windows 10 images (they can easily be over 4gb with slipstreamed apps, featues and so on), and also at least one linux iso. TY.

    PS. Make an email contact.

  6. Hi.
    When i try to add the newest MSDN Win10 Iso (1909) to my multiboot pendrive i got this error message:

    Here is the bottom of the log:

    2019/11/14 13:09:55- Error adding BCDCUMUL to Array \sources\boot.wim|\WINSETUP\W10_32\sources\boot.wim|Windows 10 | 1909 – 32 bit

    2019/11/14 13:09:55- Func _UpdateBCD_NEW returned error 1 processing D:\Windows 10\WinSetupFromUSB-1-9\TempWST\boot\bcd
    2019/11/14 13:09:55- Func MakeVistaBoot returned an error: 9

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