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  1. What I found is that I had to reformat the USB and then install the Windows 10 insider preview first, then Windows 10 RTM. Also on the BCD menus (Boot and UEFI Boot) had to check the No integrity checks.

  2. Hello, please excuse me for my bad English (google translation).
    I would like to add a windows installation source but not with an ISO but from an uncompressed folder. Is it possible?

  3. Hello Ivan,

    I have a UEFI-only BIOS on my Intel Compute Stick (model STCK1A8LFC which comes with 1GB RAM, 8GB storage and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS).

    There is no Legacy Boot/CSM option.

    When I make one of your multi-ISO boot sticks, it doesn’t work because your app does not create the /boot/efi folder with the EFI files.

    Is there anyway to do that?

    I have used a product called Rufus and it allows me to create a bootable GParted & Clonezilla, but that one boots on my Intel Compute Stick.

    Thank you Sir!

    • In UEFI mode only Windows is supported.
      Grub4dos, which is the boot manager used for BIOS mode and does wonderful job in booting just about anything, does not support and won’t support UEFI. Its close competitor which has UEFI support grub2, can’t do same job of multibooting all the Linux ISOs as grub4dos, hence the limitation.

      I am not Ivan by the way 🙂

      • OK, sorry…what is your first name?

        I just found you answered this after I asked again in another area of your website.

        Next year, no new devices with Legacy/CSM BIOS so multibooting becomes more of an issue.

        I can try to use Rufus just to boot this one ISO I have but I’m not 100% sure it will work.

        Hopefully some way can be made to create a multiboot ISO that supports UEFI…I realize that you’re relying on the existing available tools.

        Thank you Sir!

  4. After creating all multi iso bootable conraining win 10/8.1/7 , when try to install “no menu” on screen and wont boot to menu…

  5. Can someone please help me?

    I’m trying to make an USB flash drive with 2 ISOs: Windows 7 and Windows 10.

    When trying to add both ISOs, I get these errors:

    Func _GetVistaKickerIsoSize returned an error: 4 —> For Win7 ISO


    Func _GetVistaKickerIsoSize returned an error: 3 —> For Win10 ISO

    My logs are here:

    Thanks in advance!
    João Moreira

    • Looks like 7-zip which is used to extract files from the ISOs doesn’t like the file, likely corrupt download or broken file.
      Besides, these ISOs likely won’t work anyway, even if 7-zip did not find them broken, from download notes:


      1) Windows 10 – single ISOs created by Microsoft Media Creation Tool or downloaded from Microsoft should work. Dual ISOs made by the same tool (x32 and x64 in a single ISO) are NOT supported yet due to the changed structure. Such source can still be added using the previous versions which dump entire contents as they are, 1.0 beta8 for example. Limitations- such source needs to be added first, and any other sources of the same type,but not the same x32+x64, has to be added using 1.6 beta 2 or later.

      Listing archive: C:\WinSetupFromUSB\Windows7-AIO-AllVersions-32-64b.iso

      Path = C:\WinSetupFromUSB\Windows7-AIO-AllVersions-32-64b.iso
      Type = Udf
      Headers Error
      Unexpected end of archive

      Listing archive: C:\WinSetupFromUSB\Windows10-32-64.iso

      Path = C:\WinSetupFromUSB\Windows10-32-64.iso
      Type = Udf
      There are data after the end of archive

  6. Hi. I’m trying to make persistent Lubuntu 17.10.1 i386 liveUSB. In WinSetupFromUsb 1.8 x64 I checked Auto format with FBinst, choosed iso and ckecked Advanced options -> Add persistence. But persistence isn’t working. I boot and type “persistent” after kernel options. In lubuntu I create file in home folder, but after reboot it is gone. How does Lubuntu search for casper-rw file? WinSetupFromUsb created /ISO/lubuntu-17_10_1-desktop-i386.pers file, but kernel’s “persistent” options checks casper-rw file, am I correct? Anyway, how can I achieve persistence? Thank you and sorry for possible mistakes, English is not my native language

    • Have you tried casper-rw in lowercase? That worked for me with Live Ubuntu Desktop ISO, hope there were no changes since then:

      The .pers file you mentioned is mounted as a partition entry, with partition label as it was provided (CASPER-RW or whatever you change it to). Ubuntu searches for partitions labeled casper-rw and uses them for persistence, among the other such options. More details about persistence you could get from Ubuntu documentation and forums.

    • Be sure to type the ‘persistent’ cheat word BEFORE the — symbols, any characters after — are passed are not passed to the boot kernel.

  7. Your software does not let me boot right to the menu only the windows 10 isos and the the full USB with acronis true image 2019 and on my windows tablet Samsung galaxy tab pro s with the bios is a bit weird to make sense I need help

    • Quite hard to understand what the issue is by such description, can only guess that you are booting in UEFI mode and only Windows entries are displayed. You will have to boot in BIOS/compatible mode for all entries.

      • My Samsung Galaxy Tab pro s has bios settings is weird like
        Boot options boot device priority is to choose the windows boot and USB.
        Secure boot control is platform keys(pk).
        Fast Boot Mode I turned of which make the boot work only by bootice efi choose to boot from.
        Pxe oprom network boot.

        Secure boot configuration
        Secure boot mode is set to standard if custom is on it shows pk, kek,db,dbx management keys.
        Tpm configuration is trusted platform module support
        Select 1.0 mode for win8/win10 and 1x is newer spec for win10.

  8. Hi.
    I tried the 1.9 version. I want to create 1903 win10 on my pendrive.
    Program says:
    Could not prepare NT6 files, and closed.

    The 1.8 version work fine.

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