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  1. Hi there! I have been using this software for years. Since the first time I’ve have the next problem with just a few PC’s. When I try to boot from the USB drive (USB stick or HDD-USB), the PC’s get stucked in the motherboard manufacturer’s logo. In my work, the most of the PC’s are Foxconn and whit them I have that problem, so my HDD-USB is useless. I need to make a USB stick booteable with another software to proceed to install an S.O or do something else I need .

    Have you ever seen this problem before? Thanks a lot.

    • Have you tried the other format tools included – RMPrepUSB, BootIce? You will need to experiment and find which one works on this hardware.

    • Yes. Click on advanced options and select to display disks on all interfaces. Be careful which disk you select!
      Apparently Windows does not present the disk as connected to USB bus, hence not displayed without that option.

  2. hi
    when i select winsetupfromusb ver 1.8
    0 windows NT6 (vista/7/ and above) setup …. appears this issue
    ( booting ‘windows NT6 (vista/7/ and above) setup’
    ls /shifthd.bat > nul || find –set-root –devices=hf /shifthd.bat
    Error 15: file not found
    press any key to continue … )

    please help me.

  3. How to remove Plop Boot Manager when booting from a flash drive? In the files menu.lst and \boot\bcd there is nothing like as. The plop is loaded before the grub bootloader starts. Please help me.

    • Plop is loaded only if the hotkey is pressed. Do not press the hotkey and plop won’t be loaded. Does it load for you without pressing any key?!

      Alternatively you can remove it by editing FB boot menu with FBInstTool.

      • Without pressing F2, the plop does not load, this is understandable. I meant just the complete removal in FBInstTool, thanks for the hint my friend. But how to do it correctly in FBInstTool?

        • Click on FBInst menu. Remove the lines:

          text “F2. Launch PLoP boot manager”
          menu F2 linux “grub.exe” “” “–config-file=ls /plpbt.bin || find –set-root –devices=hf /plpbt.bin;kernel /plpbt.bin”

          Change timeout 2 to timeout 0.
          Right click and select Save or press ctrl+s.

          To have this permanent when reformatting, edit \WinSetupFromUSB-1-8\files\tools\fb.txt and make the same changes. Next time you use the auto-format option, FB menu won’t have the Plop menu.

  4. I am select Windows7 – 8.1 – 10 Iso and than Error show

    This doesn’t seem to be valid source!
    Either or all of\source\boot.wim, \bootmgr\boot\, \boot\BCD are missing, or source is not supported.

    RETRY to select another source or CANCEL to return to the main menu

    • Please read the notes in the download section, they are next to the link you used to download the program. Could also take a look at Supported sources page.

  5. New entries won’t show up in menu list after I edited the menu list using bootice. I added a custom menu gfxmenu background.
    How do i manually add windows xp sp3 in the menu list?
    Or the best way to totally remove windows xp from WINSETUPfromusb without affecting other entries?
    Why won’t new entries add in the menu list after edited with bootice, what could be the reason and how to avoid it?

  6. Here is the thing. I used bootice to partitioned the 64gb to two parts. About 19gb for win7,8,8.1&10 and i want to use the remaining space for another partition where i can use it for something else. But each time i try to load the windows on the 19gb partition with auto format. It changes the whole 64gb back to a single partition. And if I don’t use auto format, and I select the 19gb partition. It shows a particular error and closes the program within ten secs. I tried another method of loading all the windows completely into the 64gb (single partition) then i try to use another program (easeus partition) to shrink the drive and get another partition leaving the windows in a single partition but that won’t work either. Please what else can i do. Thank you.

    • Is the 19 GB partition set as active?
      Auto-format surely will wipe out everything, do not use it if you are after custom partitioning.

      What’s that particular error when you try to use the 19 GB partition? Do that again, reproduce the message. Post here WinSetupFomUSB log file, more details on this are in FAQ.

      Bear in mind that if the stick is set as removable at controller/firmware level, Windows will see and mount only the first partition. This is Windows behaviour, avoided by ‘flipping’ the removable bit in the USB stick controller to ‘fixed disk’, using manufacturer software for this controller. Google for ‘flip removable bit usb’.

  7. Having an issue with Windows 10 Insider Preview 18317. Tool builds the USB fine, but at boot time if fails early with an error 0xC0000428 digital signature error on Windows\System32\Boot\winload.efi have tried many things but cannot get past this.

    • 1) have you tried disabling secure boot UEFI menu?
      2) Are there any earlier Windows versions previously added to the same USB disk?

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