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  1. Hi there, I’d like to know if it would be possible for me, using this program, to creat a boot usb with various O.S., for example: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10!?

  2. Hello,

    I made multiboot usb if many ISOs… Win10 32bit, Win10 64bit, Win8.1 32bit, Win8.1 64bit… etc…

    My laptop is configured on GPT partition…

    When I booted from usb and choose to install Win10 64bit… in the installation process I have to choose a partition but I can’t install because of GPT…

    So I booted from DVD Disk of WIN10 64bit… and then it could install on the GPT partition…

    I need help in:

    Creating multiboot usb containing 64bit and 32bit of Windows ISOs… and can install on GPT or Legacy partitions…

    What the process to do this successfully???


  3. I just used my seagate External 1Tb Hard drive. Its USB 3.0. It was partitioned with 128GB and the rest left for storage. The partition is active and I tested it fine after the first time setting up. I had windows vista 32bit win xp pro 32bit and knoppix. Restarted the pc and it booted right to the menu everything worked fine. I then continued to put files on it. After i was done i retested to get “No Menu” and so i did it a second time same way and same result. What is going on and how to fix without reinstalling it all. Thanks

    • Can you post the log files? Details are on the FAQ page.
      Do you see exactly “No Menu” message or something else? Can you describe with details

    • Whelp finally found some time to do more investigating into my issue. I found that when i downloaded Linux Mint 32 and 64 both didn’t fully download off by a few 100 megs. It must of been one of them in there boot info or something. After I reinstalled and tested everything 2 by 2 by 2. It messed up after the Linux mint installs. Re-downloaded and reinstalled it all to have it all working great now. Now I have moved on to setting multi menu’s for each type of installers. And added a custom image to each menu. It would of been nice to have it documented on the site about how to do menus. But found it through google rather easy and setup wasn’t to much of a problem with a working example I could download from

      Thanks for trying to help me.

  4. Hi Guys,

    I have Created a disk to load multiple versions of windows, followed the tutorials, and it worked perfectly I had a couple of extra, iso’s I wanted to add, but when I load them they come up at the end of the windows boot loader menu, my question is, can I re arrange them (if so how) or do I have to arrange them in order as I set the disk up. Its not that Important, but it would just look better. Lastly, is ot possible to space the entries in the menu.lst better, a few more lines between entries, (have not tried just to add spaces as I did not want to mess it up).


  5. I try to add a windows 10 new image but when i try to install windows give me this error “could not mount virtual disk”
    I think the problem is that the new image have windows 10 and windows 10 pro in the same image. any solution?

    • Earlier fixes for this issue was to just use an older copy of the program. Do this because it just does a full dump of the iso instead of trying to pull out what it needs then dump the rest of the contents to drive. I never did it that way I just did individual iso’s for each type of windows 10.


      win 10 pro 32
      win 10 pro 64
      win 10 home 32
      win 10 home 64

      Yeah more room but not to much more and a little more work but again no issues like this and while using a 3.0 Hard drive it only took me 2 min for each to be added. 😉 You can also fix the menu if needed by using EasyBCD and editing the boot.bcd file located in the windows folder of the flash drive after you placed all the iso’s.

    • Delete the imdisk inside WINSETUP and add the old version of imdisk (imdisk from beta version of 1.6) inside WINSETUP directory.I had the same issue but got the solution by using the old version of imdisk.

  6. Request of approval of your Freeware “WinSetupFromUSB” for our CHIP Magazine-DVD 02/2016

    Dear Sirs and Madams,

    as a journalist of Germanys most successful monthly PC-magazine CHIP I am currently researching content for the enclosed DVD. Because of this I would like to offer our readers Your free software “WinSetupFromUSB” (if possible including upcoming versions) and distribute it as an additional service on any future CD/DVD, ISO-download and via CHIP-App-Tablet edition. Therefore I would be highly grateful if you would give me your approval.

    Of course we will credit you and your web presence as the owner of rights.

    Feel free to contact me if you have further questions.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards from Munich,
    Karsten Bunz

  7. Please could you tell me what I have to do to get working multiboot unattended windows install on fixed pen drive?

    I’ve done the steps suggested but I must be missing something.

    1. Unmount Winsetup\W8.1\boot.wim from winsetupfromusb created pen with Ntlite.

    2. Copy to the temp folder unattend.xml and setup.cmd as per this post:

    3. Apply changes and save to mount boot.wim, and copy unattend.xml in a folder in the pen root called as in te setup.cmd, in the example Win7x86.

    Thanks a lot.

        • It’s important how Windows sees it, not BIOS. Please post the log file when this disk was used. Details about the log file are in the FAQ.

            • Place the unattend.xml in the root of the USB disk named Unattend.xml or Autounattend.xml. Setup should see it and use it unless the source is modified and other file with higher priority is used or file itself is not properly formated. Compare :

              Do not mess with the source anymore.

              If still having issues, place an empty text file named DEBUGME in E:\WINSETUP\W81\ and start setup.
              Once setup is loaded there will be several windows setup log files copied to E:\WINSETUP\W81\. Exit setup gracefully, zip them all and upload them to datafilehost

              • When you said that what is important is how Windows sees it then I tested an autoattend.xls generator and then it worked!

                Sorry I started with a wrong assumption. I will let it know to the Ntlite developer, thanks a lot.

                • Can try adding Q-Dir file explorer in advanced options for each source. It starts before setup. Can rename autounattend files depending on what source is being installed.
                  Can also start setup manually from Q-Dir by launching CMD with /unattend:filename option. Check exact syntax olease.
                  Just an idea.

  8. Hi i’m getting error when try to add any versions of Windows Setup ISO image file.

    This doesn’t seem to be valid source!

    Either or all of \sources\boot.wim, \bootmgr

    \boot\, \boot\BCD are missing, or source is not supported.

    RETRY to select another source or CANCEL to return to the main menu
    Retry Cancel

    Log file:

    • ‘7z.exe’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
      operable program or batch file.

      Either an antivirus program deleted it, or program package was not extracted properly, or something else is preventing access to 7z.exe.

      Try also extracting program to simple path without spaces, like the default C:\winsetupfromusb\

        • That’s not needed at all and should not be used as workaround for something else broken.
          I see in first log you placed program in nested path with spaces in it which might be the problem. In latest log program is in simple path with no spaces.

          • It was needed i extract the WinSetupFromUSB-1-6.exe executable file into “C:\Users\UserName\Downloads” folder there is no nested path with spaces.
            There was another error again i repair it by adding “WinSetupFromUSB-1-6\files\wimlib” folder path to ‘Path’ environment variable. Without adding this folders path to ‘Path’ environment variable i get errors and last error was.

            Could not update BOOT.WIM with the new WinPESshl.ini file!

            Make sure no other program is interfering with the process

            and program has the appropriate permissions to read and write to its folder and try again.

            ‘wimlib-imagex.exe’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
            operable program or batch file.

            • There is something messed up on this system or the paths you are using. I agree that the workaround you found works, but that indicates you have something not right in your setup. After millions of downloads and thousands of reports this is the first time I see such workaround to be needed.

              • Everything is setup correctly i’m professional PC technician I know Windows inside out that is the reason I solve the error messages my system function without any issue with any setup. This is not first i use your program on Windows 7 O/S with same issue i remember how repair it then which was same way. I used your program on Windows 10 system.

                • Why just don’t you extract to c:\winsetup\ and see that you won’t need any path environment adjustments? These nested paths you use might be inheriting restrictive permissions and program can’t access what’s needed.
                  Resolving the error the same way might also mean that you might be doing the same mistake 😉

                  • I just deleted all two folders path i add to ‘Path’ environment variable to test if permission issuewhich I know it not but just to prove to you this has happen before with another system. I extracted the WinSetupFromUSB-1-6.exe file content to root of the C:\ path. I get same error when I try to open Windows 10 ISO or any other Windows ISO. Below is the error code, you need to add both “WinSetupFromUSB-1-6\files\wimlib” and “WinSetupFromUSB-1-6\files\tools” folders to ‘Path’ environment variable to resolve these errors. If you like I can test your program from VM installed Windows O/S.

                    • Well, I’ve just downloaded fresh copy of 1.6 on my work laptop with Windows 7 which has never seen it before.
                      Extracted to c:\winsetupfromusb-1-6\ , run it and selected a generic winpe iso which is windows 10 based. Program listed contents and is ready to transfer it to the USB disk without any modifications of the path environment. Same when run from /users/…/downloads folder.
                      Could it be ESET modifying permissions as GPO to prevent viruses from launching from common locations? Or have you applied any similar GPO like the ones limiting the nasty ransomwares? Do you recall using ESET on the other systems where there were issues? Or maybe Win10 applies some GPOs to prevent viruses from executing from common locations…? Don’t have one handy to test.

                    • I thing there may be issue with 64-bit version of your program because I just run the 32-bit version of your program within VM installed Windows 7 32-bit O/S and I had no error when adding the Windows 10 ISO image to your program. I will test your program again from VM installed Windows 10 64-bit O/S and report you the result of the test.

                    • I highly doubt. I am using mostly the 64 bit one and 32 bits only on the old XP used for testing, but lets see.

                    • I had the same issue. I added folders to ‘Path’ environment but it does not solve the problem. At the end I realized that ISO could be damaged, because another tool (YUMI) did not correctly create bootable USB.
                      I downloaded another ISO and everything worked OK.

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