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  1. Amazing tool (thanks a lot) however I failed to install Win7 64bit.

    I suppose that the problem is that the laptop on which I am trying to clean install, only has 2 USB ports and they are both USB 3.0.

    The installation starts and then at a certain point the USB flash drive fails to (re)initialize.

    A prompt pops up and asks to try plugging the flashdrive in a USB 2.0 port… Which my laptop does NOT have 🙁

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Did you try to unplug and plug back in the USB drive at that point?
      Is the USB drive an USB 3.0 one?
      Another solution might be to integrate the appropriate USB 3.0 drivers in your source and redo the USB drive with the new source. Google for “integrate|slipstream USB 3.0 drivers windows 7”.

      And please, use the appropriate comments section 😉

      • this also happens on USB 2.0 ports. unplug and plug it back in then it works ok (on USB 2.0 ports). but will not work on USB 3.0 ports. because there are not USB 3.0 drivers loaded, so the program won’t find the usb stick as the USB 3.0 ports not working (no driver loaded). as for slipstreaming the USB 3.0 driver to the win7 source, done it and still won’t work. i used the DISM method to slipstream USB 3.0 drivers from intel (all of it), renesas and via to win7’s boot.wim and install.wim. and made myself a win7 iso source so i can make a win7 stick with winsetupfromusb. i tried to install a pc with USB 2.0 ports and it worls great. but when trying to install win7 using the stick i made to a HP laptop with only USB 3.0 ports, it won’t work.

    • I don’t know if this is related, but we are unable to use a 240GB Mushkin (Ventura Ultra) flash drive with the utility. It mounts as an internal drive (i.e. Disk 2, Disk3, etc) instead of saying “Removable Media”. Will this tool work with drives that don’t mount as a “Removable Drive”?

    • It’s planned and some of the code is ready, but overall still far from completed as it requires major rewrite.

  2. installing win7 with original microsoft boot tool worked fine. but wrong distribution on this stick. then installed the right version with your tool on a stick. great. can’t access the ssd wether with ur great tool or the microsoft tool. well done guys.

  3. Hi All ,

    Actually I need some help to complete my customize of Boot menu in grub4dos. after a big research i found my best picture to a bg wallpaper , my favorite font , Lines and Colors i need to know that i can skip or remove the Press f1 or f2 key on boot time from grub4dos and how to stop defragmentation on make a bootable usb . thank u for helpful needs.

    • F1/F2 message are from fbinst, not grub4dos. You could reduce the timeout to 0 or 1.
      To edit the menu use FBinstTool and make sure you save it back once edited. Click on FBinst Menu button, make the changes, right click somewhere in the editor and select save menu or press ctrl+s.

      I don’t understand what you mean about stopping defragmentation, if it’s about the defragmenting when adding Linux source- it has to be done, as fragmented files simply will not work. Why is it bothering you?

  4. Very nice software but i had lots of problem creating multiboot USB i had to copy few files from WinSetupFromUSB directory’s to C:\Windows\SysWOW64 and C:\Windows\System32 directory. Reason is because WinSetupFromUSB had displayed lots of error message boxes complaining files that are included with WinSetupFromUSB download are missing also WinSetupFromUSB had problem extracting Windows .wim files. I had to copy below listed files from subdirectories of the WinSetupFromUSB extracted directory to make multiboot USB Flash Drive.


    • Where did you extract the program at first place? You don’t have to move any files, especially to these folders, something went wrong with the initial extraction, either to a folder with limited rights, or something like this.
      Where did you extract it initially and did you use the 7z or the exe file? If the 7z, which program did you use? You need to use 7-zip, some other programs have issues with 7z archives.

      • I have use the 7-zip program to extract the downloaded archive to Downloads directory that’s located in my user account profile directory. My user account is member of the Administrators group i have no NTFS security permissions on files and folders located in my user account directory that will cause any problem the NTFS security permissions are never modified by me at all the NTFS security permissions are default permissions that was configured when i first upgraded to Windows 8.1 OS from Windows 8 OS. I also unblocked the WinSetupFromUSB archive from its properties sheet first before extracting the WinSetupFromUSB archive. I like to say i have use WinSetupFromUSB create Hiren’s and FalconFour’s miltiboot USB Flash Drive there was no problem at first two ISO images the program did what its created for but for some reason WinSetupFromUSB start having problems reading and mounting the Windows OS ISO image. The Windows Vista and Ultimate ISO images i have was downloaded from Digital River. If needed and ask for i can try producing the same errors and log files for each errors then upload the log files to file sharing website.

  5. Hi,
    I only wanted to thank you for your great tool and inform you about our CLEAN and ADWARE FREE Download Mirror of WinSetupFromUSB at

  6. first thx for your tools.
    here i face some problem,i succeed to boot my usb drive, but unable to use my USB wireless keyboard to control it,still working fine on bios,but after boot usb drive only ps2 keyboard can control.

    • Have you used plop boot option? If not, not sure how I can help…
      Check BIOS USB settimgs, might find something related.

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