Supported Sources

Here is an incomplete list of some of the supported sources tested with WinSetupFromUSB.
Since new sources are added frequently, please check again for updates.

Tests are usually performed on a NTFS formatted USB flash disk, including the Linux based ones. If there are additional steps needed to get a source going or another file system is needed, there will be a note.

Please leave a comment if you have tested another source, with a description and link to it, or if you have a request for a new one.

WindowsLinux / *BSD / *nixAntivirus Rescue DisksDOS/Other

Windows 2000/XP/2003 Setup option, multiple sources are supported:

  • Windows XP, any architecture (32 and 64 bits), any Service Pack (SP), any version (Home, Professional etc.)
  • Windows 2000, any SP, any version
  • Windows 2003, any architecture, any SP, any version

Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / Server 2008/2012 based ISO option, multiple sources are supported::

UBCD4Win/WinBuilder/Windows FLPC setup/BartPE option:

IA64/Itanuim versions are not tested.

Linux ISO/Other Grub4dos compatible ISO option, multiple sources are supported:

Ubuntu / Xubuntu / Kubuntu

Note- if there are problems starting or installing Debian/Ubuntu from USB hard disk take a look at this tutorial

Fedora / CentOS / RedHat
Suse / OpenSUSE

Use Linux ISO/Other Grub4dos compatible ISO option unless other specified

Use Linux ISO/Other Grub4dos compatible ISO option

495 thoughts on “Supported Sources

  1. Hello, I’m trying to make a Windows 11 on ARM64 installation USB. It shows an error that ‘Either \bootmgr or \BOOT\BCD are missing, or source is not supported’. I checked the ISO file and found that it’s true. It doesn’t have \bootmgr and \BOOT\BCD. But I found it has \efi\microsoft\boot\bcd (while the normal version Windows 11 has it too). Do you have any plan to support Windows 11 on ARM64?

    By the way, I’m curious about whether I can use a windows recovery image instead of an ISO. The windows recovery image downloaded from Microsoft is a ZIP instead of an ISO. Can I convert the ZIP to an ISO to make a bootable USB drive?

    • Hello, removing that check is trivial, just not sure if that’s everything required. I don’t have ARM hardware to test on, so can’t support.

      For the recovery image- what’s in the zip file? If it’s all the files then you can put them all in an ISO and use it as a source. If it’s ISO then just use it.

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