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  1. Please fix the following bug. When adding Windows installation ISO, you add “winpeshl.ini” file into boot.wim. On some systems it could yield an error “Could not update boot.wim in …” because of filename case mismatch. You create file with lowercase “w”, but then issue a command
    “` C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe /c wimlib-imagex.exe update “C:\WINSETUP\TempWST\sources\boot.wim” 2 –command=”add ‘C:\WINSETUP\TempWST\Windows\System32\Winpeshl.ini’ ‘\Windows\System32\Winpeshl.ini'” “` which results in error “…(status=c0000034): Object Name not found ERROR: Exiting with error code 47: Failed to open a file.” which can be seen in WinSetupFromUSB.log file. That’s because in your command you have file name starting with capital “W”. I had to manually rename file “winpeshl.ini” to “Winpeshl.ini” (located in TempWST\Windows\System32\) in order to fix this error. Please make the file name case consistent between actual file name and file path in cmd command. Thanks.

    • Good catch, thanks. Will review the code if that’s indeed the case and publish updated version.

      Looking at wimlib-imagex documentation this doesn’t seem to be an issue. This code hasn’t been changed for years and this is the first report for this. Do you have anything specific set on your system in regards to case sensitivity, either on Windows or wimlib-imagex aide?

      • I recall I was reading something about NTFS does support case sensitivity and Windows API does not. So I’ve might been playing with casesensitivity settings for NTFS in Windows (It’s Windows 7 x64). But I can’t remember what exactly I was doing, probably some registry changes. I’m not sure if those changes are the culprit here. And I don’t even remember if I reverted those changes or not. Anyways, believe me, the error in the log file on my system is very real 🙂 I’ve even tried to run your “C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe /c wimlib-imagex.exe update …” command manually and got the same error in console.

  2. Hi,
    During formatting I get write file failed! Access denied. I have upgraded from Windows 10 but everything worked before. No grub = not able to boot usb.

      • I found the problem,
        I can write to and format the usb but not in winsetupfromusb 1-10.

        I tried another program called easy2boot, it has a text based interface which does a pre check. The dos screen went red with a warning. It can’t write to the usb because of Ancronis protection system. I disabled this in task manager and not it works as it suppose to.
        Thanks for your reply.

      • Ok nice. That worked. Very sweet.
        Is it a must to have the format to fat32? I tried with NTFS and it seems to be working. Could boot both the setups of windows 10 and 11.

  3. Hi my dear. Thank you for this application.
    Please add a feature in the program on the possibility of downloading Windows on an external hard disk, not just flash memory, and thank you very much.

    There is an external hard disk that is faster than a flash memory, so it is easier to use it on more than one computer.

    • The usb drive I have can do 250mb/s. Not just theoretically but in practice.

      Shortside is that it’s USB-C port on it. But that will be the future so within time it will get more usage coverage.

      And if you do like me and format it to NTFS instead of fat32 as it default suggested in the program, and write the images you want to the drive. You can then shrink that partition to whatever size you want and use the spare GB for storage of whatever.

      You can do this in diskmanager (diskmgmt.msc) in windows.

      This is what I did with my USB drive just a day ago or two.

  4. Hello. I often upload acronis images to PCs with uefi bios. However, I need to use both an 18 gb image file and a uefi-formatted booted acronis at the same time in a single flash. Naturally, I can’t throw the 18 gb acronis image file when I make USB fat 32 for uefi. Do you have a solution suggestion to use both uefi booted acronis and 18 gb image in one usb?

    • Is Acronis Windows PE based, do you add it as Windows source?
      If yes, you can format FAT32 the entire disk, ads Acronis, then make the FAT32 smaller and create exFAT or NTFS partition in the freed up space and use that second partition for image files. Better use USB disk so that Windows sees and mounts all partitions to easily add and remove files, or USB stick that is set as fixed type disk by either setting that at controller level with the appropriate software or by using filter driver.

      Can also tell Acronis to split the image files to 3.9 GB when creating them, so that they fit in FAT32 fs.

  5. please make version 1.12 or 1.12 compatibile with windows 11 22h2

    on my pc z690 torpedo cant not install the windows 11 22h2 make wtih the WinSetupFromUSB 1.11, il not shwo the page to language and install, will shwo the page virtual driver not fond, and press ok wil reboot 🙁

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