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    • The same way the first one was added, there is even no need to restart the program, once the first one was transferred to the USB disk, select the new source and press GO again.

      In short- add firat Windows and first Linux ISOs. Press GO. When done, add the next Linux ISO, press GO. When done add the third Linix ISO. Press GO.

  1. I have a Asus Tuf fx705gm, I formatted the usb HDD with FTinstall using fat32. Loaded a copy of Macrium reflect iso on it. Then a windows 10 iso. But when booting from the HDD. It just automatically boots into the windows 10 iso and doesn’t give me a menu to choose from. What’s the issue? Thank you

    • Was Macrum reflect added as Linix ISO? If yes, then can boot it in BIOS mode only. If it’s Windows PE based, you can add it using the Windows option and it will be available in UEFI too.

      • You mean when the Macrium iso was created or when adding it into the usb using winsetupfromusb? I put it on using Linux option rather than windows option. I was only having issues with the resolution Macrium was loaded at. Was 600px or something and was no option too change it

        • ISOs added as Linux/other ISOs can only be booted in BIOS mode.
          You are likely booting in UEFI mode where only the Windows source is liated. Boot in BIOS mode and you will see both.
          Maybe worth taking a look at the FAQ page, all this is answered there.

    • What do you have available?
      Internal disk, working Windows on another or same PC, what version…?

      You say without this, without that, but what have you got?

  2. Hi

    I am trying to make a bootable usb for windows xp

    I am using the windows xp pro 64 bit iso file
    I extract the iso file into a folder

    In winsetupfromusb , I click Rmprepusb, and choose XP/BartPE Bootable, then prepare drive, then exit

    I check the first box, but when I go to copy or add the file location, it keeps saying “File (File location) could not be found. Retry to select another source or cancel to return to the main menu.”

    Here is a screenshot of the error:

    I tried selecting the second box and it will allow me to choose the windows xp ISO but of course I can’t use it.

    I have no idea what I am doing wrong. here are the instructions I am following:

    Thank you

    • There is likely another folder within the one you are selecting.
      Need to select the folder which has i386 inside.

        • Why don’t you read the message and try to figure nout of the files mentioned in it are present or not?
          The message is very informative what’s missing and one should be able to figure out what’s the issue.

          From what I can see AMD64 folder is missing. Can’t bsee in the screenshot if txtsetup.sif is present in I386 folder.

          But please, do read the message and try to figure it out, should be fairly straightforward.

  3. problem Boot UEFI at version 1.9 and 1.10
    when add windows 7 32bit 64bit and windows 10 32bit boot of legacy and UEFI work fine
    but when add windows 10 64bit or Windows 11 64bit legacy work fine and UEFI not loading show this error


    Must add windows 10 32bit 64bit and windows 11 64bit without windows 7 to work UEFI

    now I returned to version 1.8 it’s work fine for legacy and UEFI boot

    • It’s more likely the order of adding these, rather than the program version used, as there hasn’t been any changes in this area for quite long time.
      Wiod guess is that the Win7 source has boot files with version different that stock ones, which are also not compatible with the newer Windows versions and this creates a mismatch of boot files.
      Are you using stock, unmodified sources?

  4. Wher can I get source for windows XP. I have tried modified one but it’s not shown in boot menu

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