1. What can be added to the USB disk with WinSetupFromUSB?
2. Does it support multiple sources of the same type?
3. My internal disk is not shown during first (Text mode) part of Windows XP (2000, 2003) setup
4. There is error 0x0000007B on blue background (BSOD) at start of XP (2000, 2003) Setup
5. Program does not display my USB disk
6. Are customized Windows sources supported?
7. What do the advanced options do?
8. My system won't boot from USB
9. Is (U)EFI supported?
10. How do I add another Windows or Linux source?
11. When adding NT6 (Vista and above setup or PE based utility) ISO occupied space on the USB disk is 150-220 MB more than my source
12. Is the program free and may it be freely redistributed?
13. XP/2003/2000 Setup is very slow when copying files at Text mode phase
14. How to report bugs or problems with the program?
15. How to remove already added sources?
16. How to edit boot menu names?
17. I am unable to add Linux/Other grub4dos ISO because it cannot be de-fragmented
18. Why I cannot boot other sources in UEFI mode, only Windows ones?
19. Is Windows Secure Boot supported?

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  1. Wonderful product, I’ve used it for years. Is there a newer version coming out? I like to be the first in line to try it. Thank you.

    • Thanks.
      Almost ready with a new version, doing final tests and debugging intermittent issues when updating bcd stores. New is support for multiple Windows sources ISOs, i.e. Windows 10 x86 and x64 in a single ISO, as well as other such sources as long as they use stock bootmgr not hexedited to load other bcd store e.g. b32, not the default /boot/bcd.

      Should take a few more days to release it, hopefully, if spare time allows.

  2. Hi – I just tried to install an ISO of Windows XP Pro SP3 and after following your instructions, all seemed to go well, until after I entered the product key. Then it asked for Windows pro cd disc 2…I steered it to the USB drive but it couldn’t find the correct files…so I had to click Cancel. It then carried on with the install, and upon finishing I ended up with a standard Win XP “Media Centre Edition”… What might have gone wrong…do you have any suggestions? I installed and used ImDisk and used that as you advised. Thanks

  3. Thank you very much for your useful utility. I have been using for storing my all ISOs for a long time.
    Why don’t you provide an option to remove available distributions from usb drive?
    It will be more helpful to users.
    We wish that option from your next release on wards.

    • Because it’s not that simple at all. Adding sources to the USB disk is not just file copy as many folks imagine, there are grub4dos boot menu entries, BIOS BCD entries, UEFI BCD entries as well as bunch of files such as imdisk setup files, that’s not even accounting XP/2003/PE/Linux and SysLinux sources, which are even more complex. Keeping track of what exactly was done when source was added in the mix in order to undo that, would require logging all activities as well as other changes to accommodate the removal part, such as GUI changes and such. Sorry, but given the amount of work needed, the benefits do not justify the time to spend on this, time which I don’t have anyways.

      • Thank you for your fast replay. Some utilities are providing such feature. It will be more helpful for novice users like me 🙂

        • Have you looked at the FAQ page, FAQ #15 in particular? To manually remove a source is not that complicated at all.

  4. Edit name menu ( windows boot manager )

    …Back to Main Menu(Grub4dos)

  5. how to create a uefi (gpt) and Legacy (mbr) installer in the same usb drive? please help me, i’m searching about this for a long time and it’s not clear for me.

    • Just use the default FAT32 auto-format option. Take a look at the FAQ page.
      UEFI doesn’t mean GPT, the latter is not required at all for UEFI boot.

  6. Hey!

    I’ve just created a Windows XP SP3 boot drive for a pendrive and when the files are being copied, there is an error message called: cannot find videX64.sys

    How could I have missed it? Where is it and what went wrong?

    Thank you in advance guys!

    • Okay so, turns out I was stupid and didn’t realize I just had to press an “ENTER” and there you go… sorry about that.

    • Don’t think that is stock file. Was is slipstreamed in the source, how?
      Is this 32 or 64 bits source? Have you tried unmodified stock XP source?

      • Before doing anything, I chose the auto detect option (the basic check) and during that text only mode I got that message. My computer is only capable of 32 bit, so it was weird to pop up in the first place AS AN OPTION.

        As I mentioned, it is resolved now.

  7. I have installed Windows 10 on an external SSD disk which I connect through a USB 3.0 port but nevertheless Windows recognizes the disk as SCSI, this is normal because Windows can not officially be installed on “USB disks”? Thank you!

  8. My notebook operating system is Windows 10, version 1903. When I used this software(winsetupfromusb), I was given an error. and all my USB notebook’s ports were disabled. This problem has not been resolved by unistalling the drivers and reinstalling it. please guide me.

    • The program does not install any drivers or change the OS it’s run on in any way. The issue is most likely elsewhere.

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