1. What can be added to the USB disk with WinSetupFromUSB?
2. Does it support multiple sources of the same type?
3. My internal disk is not shown during first (Text mode) part of Windows XP (2000, 2003) setup
4. There is error 0x0000007B on blue background (BSOD) at start of XP (2000, 2003) Setup
5. Program does not display my USB disk
6. Are customized Windows sources supported?
7. What do the advanced options do?
8. My system won't boot from USB
9. Is (U)EFI supported?
10. How do I add another Windows or Linux source?
11. When adding NT6 (Vista and above setup or PE based utility) ISO occupied space on the USB disk is 150-220 MB more than my source
12. Is the program free and may it be freely redistributed?
13. XP/2003/2000 Setup is very slow when copying files at Text mode phase
14. How to report bugs or problems with the program?
15. How to remove already added sources?
16. How to edit boot menu names?
17. I am unable to add Linux/Other grub4dos ISO because it cannot be de-fragmented
18. Why I cannot boot other sources in UEFI mode, only Windows ones?
19. Is Windows Secure Boot supported?

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    • Quite likely yes, with some manual intervention. Depends what’s in these ISOs and whether the recovery program expects DVD or not.
      Can you open root and sources folder in each of the ISOs in Explorer if you are in Windows 10 or in 7-zip if not amd post screenshots to see what’s in these?

  1. Скажите пожалуйста , а как WinSetupFromUSB разбивает iso на две части? После записи образа windows 10.iso , на флешке появились два файла (windows 10.iso.001 и windows 10.iso.002) , точнее сказать какой программой?

    • Take a look in program directory, maybe tools folder, there is a program for this, I don’t recall the name, FileSplit or something like this. I am away from the PC to check for you.

    • Hiren’s BCD has never been supported, it may or may not work, also depending on its version.

      Which Windows version doesn’t boot and where exactly it gets stuck?

      Using which options the above two source were added?

  2. I can’t boot & add WinPE 10&8_Sergei_Strelec x86_x64_2021.01.05 latest version 2021. Please help me..?

    Or please code in menu.lis add WinPE 10&8_Sergei_Strelec x86_x64_2021.01.05 latest version 2021 show programs in winPE ?

  3. I don’t have the “Auto-detect and use F6 SATA/RAID/SCSI Driver” option. I can choose only between “First part….” and “Second part…”.
    How do i activate the options “Auto-detect…” and “Auto-detec… + Firadisk” in the menu?
    My image is Windows XP Professional.

    My problem is that i always get the 0x000007B error and changing the ntdetect.com file doesn’t change it.

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